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Much has been said, including on GameSpot, about how important it is that Microsoft owns Call of Duty and whether it will be an Xbox exclusive if it continues to launch on competing platforms. But Microsoft may make one more big decision that will significantly increase audiences for other games: bring World of Warcraft to Game Pass, but not Xbox.

World of Warcraft has enjoyed an almost unprecedented amount of time among online games, having lasted over 17 years with no real expansions. However, this era has not seen consistent growth and many players have left the game in recent months for alternatives such as Final Fantasy XIV. It’s pretty hard for people to stay in the game for a long time considering the number of other games, but paying more than $15 a month for a subscriber is even harder. Players have to consider two different “prizes”, both the monthly fee and the time it takes to make it worthwhile, and this is quite risky for families with full-time jobs and other responsibilities for young people. †

Why not lighten the gateway load by including World of Warcraft in Game Pass for PC? Microsoft’s constant effort to make Xbox a Game Pass part instead of a console part was artless, and the idea of ​​paying a separate $15 for a game with hundreds of additional additions to Game Pass would be hard to imagine. are selling. After the purchase is completed. The idea of ​​paying a monthly fee or even a small bonus to get free access to World of Warcraft after three months is much more appealing.

Signing up makes sense, of course, given the continuous improvement needed for World of Warcraft compared to other static games that may not have been touched for years: the subscription fee is paid in part to continue the game. But if you’re a company with near-bottomless pockets that keep expanding access to your platform, the end of the world isn’t going to be a hit in World of Warcraft. The premium tier of “Game Pass for PC Plus World of Warcraft” can even help us close the gap, offering a discount on the subscription price when players sign up for Game Pass.

We’ve seen a lot of people urging World of Warcraft to buy Game Pass since the acquisition was announced earlier this week, but these aren’t existing World of Warcraft players waiting for a discount, which is the biggest factor here. As with the rest of Game Pass, the average gamer who browses through the library of services Real Increase the size of the gaming community.

If you have a Game Pass subscription, how many times have you flipped through the game tiles, found and downloaded something interesting without thinking? how many times is it over? this What game did you play in the following weeks? With Game Pass, there is virtually no barrier to entry and the potential for amateur level gameplay in World of Warcraft is immense. I need to know because until I got rid of this habit (it was really an addiction for me so I won’t join the newbies this time), I haven’t played any other games in almost two years. I had no money for games other than WoW and Game Pass was not yet available to make exploring other possibilities easier.

We’re going to Game Pass

Now all this talk of “bringing World of Warcraft to Game Pass” sounds good, but there’s a limit: it only makes sense for the PC version. World of Warcraft never made it to consoles, and Microsoft’s acquisition could be the perfect time to bring the game to Xbox. But it will also have its own financial costs to bear the game, there is no guarantee that it will be as successful as the PC version and the game battle between console and PC. Since PC gamers represent more than a billion people worldwide, why try to port the game to another platform?

Fortunately, Microsoft seems to understand that some games are not designed for consoles. The Age of Empires series has seen a revival in recent years, including the release of Age of Empires IV in late 2021. But because the game works here, it has only been released on PC.

Xbox Game Pass, like Game Pass for PCs, has been successful not only because of the savings it offers to players who don’t buy the full games, but also because of the easy access they give us to try out new experiences. Those who have become seasoned players of World of Warcraft understand that spending some time with the game can keep you captivated for a long time.

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