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Warcraft Rumble: all about dungeons

Unlocking dungeons (and other requirements)

In Warcraft Rumble, dungeons are not available from the start of the game and are only unlocked once players have made significant progress in the regular campaign. Players earn Onyxia Seals by completing levels in each region for the first time. The feature is unlocked when you purchase a total of 30 units.
Unlock different leaders in GRID to have options for every dungeon and party rotation.

Warcraft Rumble Dungeons: Weekly Rotations and Relics

Weekly rotations
After selecting the relevant ruler and starting the relic, players take turns taking on each of three extremely challenging bosses, ultimately earning rewards each week based on their progress through the dungeon.

Warcraft Rumble’s dungeon system is not static and players can expect new bosses with new requirements every week. These bosses and dungeons are all based on their World of Warcraft counterparts; so when Heart of the Mine launched, Cookie and Mr. Familiar faces such as Smite will appear as opponents.

In addition to the rotating dungeon, one group is central each week and only the leaders of that group can enter the dungeon that week. So a week of Blackrock means that only Rend Blackhand or General Drakkasith can enter the dungeon, although there are no restrictions on army units.

Rewards for partially completed and fully cleared dungeons

After defeating all bosses, players will receive a small amount of Arc Energy in addition to the standard mini Battle XP they earn after each match. But the real incentive for building dungeons in Warcraft Rumble is to get the full reward. Warcraft Rumble players can permanently upgrade their rulers and armies by defeating three maps and dungeon bosses.

Clearing an entire dungeon rewards the ruler used for the attack with improved army slots, in addition to a ton of bow energy. These slots are associated with one of the mini-genres such as Flying, Horde, Devoted and other features. When a mini of the correct type is placed in one of these upgraded slots, it will gain temporary levels. These bonus levels are derived from the number of upgrades a given slot receives: a slot upgraded three times rewards the corresponding mini three bonus levels.

These bonuses are not only valid for dungeons, but also remain in effect in the normal campaign. Once unlocked, dungeons can be a great way to strengthen a struggling army and take on heroic missions and more challenging Warcraft Rumble levels.


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