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World of Warcraft is adding dragon riding to upcoming Old World content

The Dragon’s Guide is coming to World of Warcraft

Last May, the World of Warcraft community was shocked when data miners discovered a dynamic flight improvement in the game files; This suggested that the Dragon mount system would completely replace the flight paths during my playthrough of Dragonflight, where it would reach the old world. Unfortunately, with the exception of a few races, this did not happen. Dynamic flying, which would ideally require you to use the Dragon Mount move with druidic forms, probably won’t appear in the game until The War Within. Good news? Players will reach the best option much sooner than expected.

As announced on the game’s official website, the next patch for Seeds of Renewal will add dragon riding to “all flyable continents of the Old World.” » In theory, this means you can quickly travel to places like Outland and Northrend with your dragon mount.

But as we read in the PTR notes: “We are limiting the speed of mounted dragons outside the Dragon Islands so as not to shorten travel times in the Old World too much.” We believe that increasing Dragon Ride to 80% will strike a balance between providing an exciting and engaging way to ride, while maintaining the sense of immersion. »

While this may turn off some players, it is important to note that a speed of 80% is still incredibly fast. While standard flight occurs at 310% of normal movement speed, the dragon mount can reach 830% with sufficient maneuverability.

Ultimately, this change is good news. Dragon Ride is the best addition to WoW in a long time, and its permanent status is encouraging. Ashes of Renewal will appear on PTR later this week.


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