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WoW Thanksgiving event guide: bonuses, cosmetics, pet battles and more

Pilgrim Reward Event in World of Warcraft: A Complete Guide

Traveler’s Thanksgiving is an event currently running in World of Warcraft that offers players a limited opportunity to earn unique rewards before the event ends.

Abundant tables: the central element

The centerpiece of the Pilgrim’s Bounty event is the plentiful tables available in all regions and group capitals of the Dragon Islands. Sitting at these tables grants you a 10% reputation experience increase for one hour, called ‘Spirit of Sharing’, which ties in nicely with the 19% reputation gain from WoW’s anniversary celebrations.

In Pilgrim’s prize table slots you can find generous tables for both Alliance and Horde, as well as some neutral slots.

Daily quests and cosmetic rewards

One of the main features of the festival is the daily quests and the unique rewards they offer. Players can earn themed cosmetic items and rewards by carefully completing the daily tasks.

Daily quests involve collecting quests and asking the player to bring supplies to specific NPCs for celebrations. These are the different daily quests available during the Traveler’s Reward event.

Pilgrim’s Bounty Battle Pets and Achievements Guide

The highest achievement players can obtain during the event is the Plump Turkey War Pet, which is awarded to those who complete the Pilgrim achievement. This achievement is awarded to players who have completed nine other festival-related achievements.

Our guide also covers unlocking the scared chicken and pets’ movement abilities in battle.

Players should be motivated to earn unique rewards and make the most of this limited time in World of Warcraft when they participate in the Pilgrim’s Bounty event.


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