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Blizzard reveals plans for the next World of Warcraft update, Seeds of Revival

New features are coming to World of Warcraft

A recent announcement from Blizzard Entertainment reveals new features planned for World of Warcraft’s next major update. This update promises to be ambitious and will delight fans of this beautiful massively multiplayer game.

Dragon riding is available everywhere in the game world

Previously limited to the new areas of the Dragon Islands, the Dragonriding feature will now be available on all continents of the Old World where flying is possible. Players can enjoy this new game and explore the vast landscapes of World of Warcraft in entirely new ways.

Discover the history of the Dragon Islands with the Azeroth Archives

Archives of Azeroth allows players to explore the history of the Dragon Isles, meet unique characters, hear ancient stories, and view iconography from times gone by. They can participate in individual and group activities, as well as weekly public events, and have the opportunity to obtain new pets, mounts, and armor sets.

Witness the recapture of Gilneas by King Greymane

Players will have the opportunity to help King Greymane’s people retake the Gilneans ancestral homeland. This return is highly anticipated, as the Gilneans were evicted from the city during the 2010 Cataclysm expansion.

Explore dungeons together with other NPCs

A new feature called “Follower Dungeons” allows players to explore dungeons guided by non-player characters. You can learn more about the Dragonflight dungeons and customize your party composition at your own pace.

New customization options available

The Seeds of Renewal update also introduces new customization options for Troll, Draenei, and Warlock minions.

With these new features, World of Warcraft fans have something to look forward to as they wait for more information about the upcoming expansion, The War Within, and the rest of the Worldsoul Saga.

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