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Extreme World of Warcraft classes ranked from worst to best

Are Rebel players destined to die early?

Many Rogue class players seem to die prematurely. However, they face greater difficulties than other classes, which obviously disadvantages those who are in the learning phase. Plus, playing as Rogue requires a lot of patience, especially if you’re trying to learn as many useful survival skills as possible. It’s always bad to mix up your Rogue’s skills incorrectly, but these mistakes can quickly end your struggling career. After all, despite their many abilities, Rogues are still a melee class without access to armor. It doesn’t take long before an uncontrollable creature overwhelms you.

Additionally, the increased difficulty of acquiring gear in Hardcore mode means that Rogues sometimes cannot reliably access key-level items they can rely on. Yes, a great Rogue player can handle most combat situations in hardcore mode and other classes. However, the skill gap this class offers is as wide as any other class in the game.

6. druid

Druid is one of those extreme classes into which people seem to be divided. Some place them at the top of the charts, while others place them much lower. This disparity speaks to the pros (and cons) of the versatility that makes this class so remarkable.

In theory, druids can often be tanks, healers/mages, or melee DPS characters thanks to their shapeshifting. As you might expect, the ability to switch between roles at will is especially useful in hardcore games. Being able to change form when necessary obviously offers more possibilities in more situations. Additionally, Druids can effectively use a wide variety of equipment and have great healing and crowd control skills.

Unfortunately, the wizard’s “master of none” status often backfires. Reaching level 20 for a druid (where they gain some of the more interesting skills) can be a challenging process. Cat Druid’s melee DPS form doesn’t top most damage charts, and healer/mage options often suffer from serious mana efficiency issues. Yes, you can play relatively safely as a tank, but you will have to endure a slow climb to the top. This isn’t a problem, but it is a bit annoying since other relatively safe classes offer much higher damage options.

The good news is that a druid is a good companion in a leveling party, so you can definitely solve some of their leveling speed problems this way. However, those who go alone will have to overcome obstacles on several levels.


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