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How to Get Dawn’s Dream Crests in WoW 10.2

A new way to manage currency in WoW 10.2

The latest WoW 10.2 update brought a very welcome change to the way the Mythic+ currency works. Previously, previous seasons gave you weapon pieces; you then had to turn it into heraldry, which made your inventory very messy. You will now receive badges in exact currency, which will go directly to your currency tab. This change slightly changes the way you create enchanted badges for crafted equipment. Here’s how to get Incipient Dreamcrests in WoW 10.2.

Where can I find a trader who wants to trade the peaks of rising dreams?

The merchant named Andoris, who exchanges your Crests for Nascent Dreamcrests, is located in Valdrakken, near the Magic Station. If you look at the screenshot above, Andoris is in the red circle. There are a few other vendors who can trade your crests for Soaring Dream Crests, but Andoris is the easiest to find and also the easiest to reach during crafting.

How do newly revealed dream buds work?

Once you complete M+ dungeons, you will receive the Dream Crest based on the key level you completed. Here is the list of dream badges in WoW 10.2 and the main ranks required to obtain them:

  • Puppy sleeping coat of arms – Obtained in dungeons between M+1 and M+5.
  • Drake’s Dream emblem – Obtained in dungeons between M+6 and M+10.
  • Dream Dragon Weapon – Obtained in dungeons between M+1 and M+5.
  • Dream weapon leather – Obtained in dungeons of M+16 and above.

All Dream Crests have their own weekly limit of 90. This means, for example, that during week 5 you can obtain a total of 450 Dream Crests. Now you need the magical Nascent Dreamcrests to create the ultimate seasonal team. Mages can create these, which require the unenchanted Nascent Dreamcrest. If you visit the Andoris merchant, you can exchange Dream Crests for Soaring Dream Crests at the following rates:

Transforms budding Dreamcrest into magical Dreamcrest

Ascending Dream Creature = 30 Dream Creatures
Rising Wyrm Dream Crest = 45 Wyrm Dream Crest
Dream Crest of the Ascendant Element = 60 Dream Crest of the Element

From there you can create a crafting setup to turn your dream shields into magical shields. Now that you know how to get Nascent Dreamcrests in WoW 10.2, you should be able to craft the higher gear you need for higher M+ dungeons.


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