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The World of Warcraft director isn’t afraid of AI in video games

With AI technology becoming more and more in the news, many game developers have wondered if they wanted to integrate AI into their development pipelines. World of Warcraft game director Ion Hazzikostas is unconcerned about the possibility of artificial intelligence replacing humans at work, following a recent meeting with ChatGPT.

Hazzikostas says one of the first things he does when he opens the AI ​​chatbot is ask what the next World of Warcraft expansion should be. The answer he got was “Return to the Shadow Lands”, which was particularly bad on many levels. While Hazzikostas meant it as a joke, it’s doubly absurd for ChatGPT to propose a return to one of the least-loved World of Warcraft expansions in recent history.

Hazzikostas has confirmed that parts of WoW’s art pipeline use machine learning, but have been doing so for years. By automating some really difficult and painful tasks, like putting helmets on blood elves’ ears, it gives talented artists some time to do more surprisingly creative work instead of doing that complex work.

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World of Warcraft executive producer Holly Longdale also gave a more serious statement about the team’s take on AI. Looking to the future, Longdale believes there are many opportunities in an interactive space to see what the opportunities are. Artificial intelligence is not new to them in their daily life. The evolution of AI will certainly help you, but it has always been there.

Hazzikostas and Longdale also discussed World of Warcraft’s current content rhythm and roadmaps for future content, asking a few questions about player toxicity and party loot while there. The full interview will air tomorrow.

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