WoW: Dragonflight players think they’ve discovered a third Summoner specialization

While World of Warcraft: Dragonflight players were checking out the upcoming 10.1 Embers of Neltharion update in the MMO’s public test room, they’ve found evidence leading some to believe a third specialization is on the way for the new Evoker class. of the game.

Summoners, a special class of the new dragon-like dracthyr race, was introduced in October 2022 as part of the Dragonflight pre-patch. They currently have two specializations for players to choose from: Havoc and Preservation; on inflicting magical damage from afar and second on healing allies and avoiding damage. He is the second rank in WoW, with the Demon Hunter only having two specializations instead of the standard three.

But fans believe there may be a third specialization in the cards, based on the data-driven research found in the game’s PTR. As reported by Wowhead, a specific Evoker mission titled “Our Destiny” currently contains placeholder text referring to a “newly summoned specialization” and mentioning that the mysteries revealed in the game’s patch 10.0.7 (out March 21 ) are about to disappear. . to deal with. Later in the questline, players are tasked with helping the black dragon Ebyssian subdue a boss-level enemy. Interestingly, the text of the quest states that players must help him by healing or “upgrading” the Ebyssian, or alternatively they can damage the boss to complete the quest.

The research text about a new specialization, coupled with a reference to “strengthening” allies rather than simply healing them, led fans to believe that this third specialization, as yet unannounced or confirmed by Blizzard, could be a second heal or boost . Specialization for callers.

Some fans had hoped to see a tank specialization for Evokers, but a recent interview between content creator Towelliee and WoW co-game director Morgan Day suggests that seems unlikely. However, the idea of ​​adding an entirely new specialization was not taken up by Day, which he said had never been done before.

When asked about the possibility of adding a specialization for tanks, Day said, “So we never added a specialization, so I can’t talk about that.” “You know, when we talk about Summoners, we really wanted to add a certain range of DPS, like that’s the point and they had big ol’ wings, so there’s a lot of discussion about how it’s going to be on melee range. and things like that, so… In the early days when the Summoners were shining before our eyes, there was talk of tanks.

Currently there is only one other class in the game with two support specializations, Priest. As a specialization, Holy focuses on healing allies directly, while Disciplines is more about helping allies avoid or absorb damage. Perhaps a third Evoker spec would go that route, but until more information is discovered, fans can only speculate.

Blizzard recently unveiled the game’s 10.1 update, but hasn’t officially named a new Evoker specialization. The idea may have been scrapped and accidentally left in the game’s test build, or Blizzard is trying to keep the new specialization as a surprise to announce at a later date.

Even if there isn’t a third Evoker specialization, players can look forward to the Dragonflight 10.1 patch, which currently has no release date, but brings a new raid, massive dungeon, cross-faction guilds, and major changes. to the game’s Mythic+ system. Meanwhile, patch 10.0.7 allows players to return to the Dracthyr starting area Forbidden Reach to discover the race’s origins and acquire a powerful new ring.

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