Uwe Boll will not direct “World of Warcraft”. Sympathy.

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When many of us took for granted the prophecy of the Antichrist coming to destroy our world and create a rift of chaos and destruction, they believed that he had taken the form of a German film director and that there was no hope for that Red was not. our friend Beatriz from BlogdeCine shows us the way.

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Someone starts to stop him Uwe, the man, Boll And I’m not talking about the Tollinas’ party that will likely fall on him when his boxing match with Michael Bay (the king of slow motion action movies) comes up and the shots go elsewhere.

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And the fact is that our friend Uwe tried everything in his power to direct the film adaptation of the world that was prepared.World of Warcraft‘, received as a text reply from Blizzard’s Paul Sams: “We will not sell the rights to the film, not to you, certainly not to you.” And best of all, the German director understands this himself and explains it with a wave of sincerity, “because it is such a successful online game that a bad film with it can spoil the company’s sales”. As we have already said, the Antichrist begins to restore faith. Vain light of hope.

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But the German star’s verbal incontinence does not end there: “They do it to please fans of video games (of course, directed movies based on them), but on the other hand They have the most radical players who live in their own world. And you can’t get the ideas that came up with a movie based on an old game, it’s impossible. Honest, The real gamers are the people who download stuff. Those who pay nothing for the downloaded movies. So why should I please this man? I need normal hearing.’

Statements like these will earn him the dislike of many, even those of us who think of him as a deadpan and brilliant director, a misunderstood genius as Ed Wood was back in the day.

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Coming back to the film adaptation of “WoW”, says that it has been owned by Legendary Pictures since June 2007 and is in the script stage with the intention of creating something extremely epic. In August, at BlizzCon 2009, it was announced that with a budget of more than a hundred million dollars and with directors like Zack Snyder or Christopher Nolan in mind.

We are waiting to see how the problem develops, but now I have a question for you. You professional gamers who download everything and buy nothing, can you imagine what Uwe Boll would do with a hundred million dollar budget and the intention to destroy an entire generation of icons like “WoW”? I dare not think about it.

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