The creators of Just Cause were working on an open world game in the 1950s.

Avalanche Studios, the parents of Just Cause, are talking about an aborted open-world game project set in dystopian London.

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One of the funniest (and most destructive) sagas in the open world is just causeIts last episode was released in late 2018. the makers, Avalanche Studiosrevealed an aborted open world project that has been scrapped an alternate reality in the 1950s.

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So confirm it mike cases, a screenwriter for the canceled game who also worked with Avalanche on some of the Just Cause episodes. That title would come in PS4, Xbox One and PCand took a lot dystopian references What can we see in games like Fallout 3 or BioShock.

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This open world game would offer a sandbox experience similar to that in Just Causebut bet on a story in the 1950takes place in the city London. There we would see huge buildings, airships and technological elements in contrast to that historical era.

” The editor canceled all but one of his games, and she was a good editor. But he was working on this amazing open world game set in one 1950s alternate reality version. It was crazy! We had this amazing version of London that looked spectacular. “

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Mikael Saker notes that Avalanche decided to play on Just Cause 4 and Focus on this title, as the study went through a difficult economic period with numerous staff cuts. Acknowledge that this match has been cancelled had good ideas and it would have intrigued the audience.

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However, there were no large skyscrapers We had inverted elevations so the city grew downward, on the ground. You can use ziplines, airships, airplanes and jump into these very deep holes in the middle of the city. It was like that visually and structurally spectacular worlds and he had a lot of good ideas. “

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It looks like this open world game it will take many elements that we see in Just Causelike stage destruction, ziplines, amazing stunts, but with sci-fi elements. It’s a pity This project has been cancelledbecause these details look very good.

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This screenwriter also points out that this game it lacked two years of developmentand that he was one of the victims of the predicament Avalanche Studios. Eventually, the studio released titles such as Mad Max, Rage 2 or Just Cause 4.

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Believe that one day the ideas of this match cancelled Are you being considered? There is no doubt that the generation of open world was the big star of the generation of PS4 and Xbox One, and maybe this project will get a second chance on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S…we’ll see.

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Source: GameSpot

The creators of Just Cause were working on an open world game in the 1950s

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