One of WoW’s best new features: Dragonflight has been completely abandoned, but changes are coming soon


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Blizzard is introducing a number of changes to World of Warcraft: Dragonflight’s new Solo Shuffle Arena mode in the coming weeks, and the updates plan to further punish players who quit mid-game and improve the experience for those who don’t quit. to deal with the consequences. .

Solo Shuffle, previously a limited-time PvP battle, is now a new ranked PvP mode in Dragonflight. Finally, it offers players who always want to participate in ranked PvP battles, but don’t want to find a full team from a ranked battlefield or multiple arena partners, a way to earn capture points and climb the PVP leaderboard. Although Solo Shuffle has been awaiting DPS players for a long time, the mod seems to have been well received by the community.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems currently hampering the mode is that players choose to quit mid-game when a match might not be right for them. Dropouts effectively penalize all six players in a Solo Shuffle match because the others in the match cannot get ratings or lose after one of them drops out. The problem is compounded by the long wait times most players face when trying to find a match. Spending 30 minutes on matchmaking to get into a match but having the match completely fall out the window when someone quits can be infuriating to say the least.

In a post on the official WoW forums, Blizzard wrote that improvements to the Solo Shuffle experience are on the way. A change coming with the game’s weekly reset on January 10th will negatively affect people lowering their current rating and matchmaking rating. But this is just the beginning. With the game’s patch 10.0.5 (currently no set release date, but scheduled for early 2023), the rating is still calculated per round for games leaving the game. Matchmaking stats are also displayed in a game through the leaderboard to provide “extra visibility” into rating changes and how the game’s matchmaking system works.

Additionally, to further encourage players to stay, Blizzard will make it clearer to those who quit what their penalties will be if they give up early via an in-game warning message. According to Blizzard, players who repeatedly leave the game will be subject to “account review and suspensions” because “repeatedly leaving matches is a violation of the terms of service by abusing this feature in a way that damages the game environment and intended player experience.”

Looking beyond patch 10.0.5, Blizzard says it’s looking for ways to encourage healers to queue up for Solo Shuffle to reduce DPS cooldowns. While Blizzard isn’t sharing any specific plans, changes are being discussed that will make Solo Shuffle “a more fun and rewarding experience.”

Blizzard recently outlined its Dragonflight content roadmap for 2023, which will feature two major content updates throughout the year, as well as more frequent minor updates. The first of these updates, Patch 10.0.5, introduces the new Trade Post feature, which allows players to earn additional cosmetics for free.

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