On Azeroth, the armies of the Alliance and the Horde face off in a long and bloody conflict. So far, Blizzard’s strategic hits from the Warcraft series have allowed you to stage the imposing battles as a commander. Now, for the first time, WoW gives you the opportunity to explore the world of Azeroth from the perspective of an individual and to ask what all the units that would otherwise lead you into battle would think.

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Mass… what?

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The genre of “Massively Multiplayer Online” games (short: MMO) is relatively new, but promises revolutionary innovations and possibilities in the gaming experience. In principle, it is a complete virtual world in which thousands upon thousands of players can play simultaneously with and against each other.

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However, the previous representatives of this type became known for their potential for addiction, in the USA self-help groups for spouses have already formed, which scared most players. Blizzard wants to do better now, with the typical polish and attention to detail, but most importantly WoW needs to appeal to the masses of players and also appeal to casual players. In terms of gameplay, WoW is not really different from other MMO games, the similarity with more conventional role-playing games is also quite large, and “Diablo” from its own house says hello: In the fantasy world of Azeroth, the player moves around a To become a hero, prove and pass a variety of adventures.

In the clean and neat interface, click on objects and enemies, activate items and special abilities, and beat bad guys. In this way, you slowly progress level by level to eventually compete with other heroes as a skilled warrior equipped with powerful magical artifacts and superhuman abilities.

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I am sending you on a quest

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The essential building block is the comprehensive search system. Right from the start, the player can solve small tasks and collect rewards, which are usually followed by further tasks. For example, you have to kill a certain number of monsters, collect magical ingredients or transport important mail across the country as a postman.

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Nevertheless, the running distances are mostly short and there are always small successes, so that even casual players have enough incentive to get a taste of WoW again and again. Blizzard has even expressly built in game mechanics that specifically favor rare players. The game quickly develops an extreme potential for addiction, so caution is advised!

Two parties

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For the fight against other players, one of the main arguments of MMOGames, the two factions in the WoW universe that divide the races are decisive: on the side of the alliance are humans, dwarves, goblins and night elves; Trolls, tauren and undead gathered under the banner of the Orc Horde. When you have decided on a nation and therefore on a side, then you have made your decision

His character can also choose between a total of nine classes, such as warrior, paladin, rogue, mage or shaman, although not every race has access to all classes. Compared to other genre representatives, the initial selection options are quite small, but the individual options differ very clearly and there are still almost infinite possible combinations.

Technically, as in most RPGs, there is an extensive system of character stats, skills, and talents that allow you to go from being a backup hero to saving the world as the game progresses. The professions are also fun, in which, in addition to interesting activities such as herbal medicine or blacksmithing, more mundane things such as cooking or fishing are also possible.

Atmospheric close

But the real highlight is the world, from which the game owes its name. A lot of work has gone into their design, which is immediately noticeable. The atmosphere of the game seems to ooze from every pore. Above all, Blizzard fans and connoisseurs of the Warcraft series should have many aha moments when playing – the recognition value is huge. WoW continues the lore of Warcraft 3 and incorporates many elements from the previous titles. All famous places and regions can now finally be visited in person, the story of the other games is an integral part of the mythology of the world. Units, buildings and the like can all be found. It even goes so far that many skills have been copied not only 1:1 with their attributes, but also with their names, even the icons have been liberally recycled. Nevertheless, there are still many innovations to be discovered. It actually creates the illusion of a complete virtual world, greatly enhancing the gaming experience.

The graphics may not impress with photorealism and may not exhaust all technical possibilities. Nevertheless, it’s beautiful to look at because it’s atmospheric, wonderfully colorful, lovingly detailed and, above all, incredibly varied. Each nation and each region has its own distinctive look, graphic boredom does not set in so easily. The sound is okay, the effects sound good and the music convinces with fantasy sounds, but can get on your nerves after a longer playing time. The performance scales quite well and is acceptable even on slower systems, although a fast internet connection is a must.

Boman Hwang

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