It’s been a while (mainly because I’m a warrior), but here’s the review of the legendary World of Warcraft expansion, Legion.

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(This review contains no spoilers)

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Legion had a lot to offer after Warlords of Dreanor was a huge disappointment (I stopped playing after a month and only picked up Legion again). With joy in my Alliance heart I can say it totally worked out and maybe went better than I could have ever hoped for!

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Legion was introduced after defeating Archimonde on Hellfire Citadel in the Warlords of Dranor timeline. Gul’dan is drawn into Azeroth’s main timeline through a portal to find a way for The Burning Legion to reach Azeroth in greater numbers than ever before. Looking for a way to do this, Gul’dan finds a crystallized prison deep within the “Hidden Vaults” in the Broken Isles, within this prison lies the corpse of Illidan Stormrage, who we all naturally consider to be the big villain from The Burning Crusade (You’re Not Prepared!)
Archmage Khadgar, who helped the Alliance and Horde fight Gul’dan during Warlords of Dreanor, gets wind of this and flies back to Stormwind to warn Varian Wrynn of the army’s impending invasion of Azeroth.

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And here you start as a player who must learn to use artifact weapons and the remnants of the titans, along with the outcast demon hunters who together have the power to stop the Burning Legion and restore peace to Azeroth.

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One of the things I’m really excited about is that WoW is becoming more of a personal experience, you’re getting more options to create your own gaming experience, and slowly but surely you’re not just one of hundreds of other players, all conquering the world. be the rescue, but are you “the hero” who can do everything alone.
With Legion it was a bit in the form of phasing (so you’re not doing the same task with 100 at once), but now they’re taking it a step further in the form of a class-specific questline, rather than the few class-specific questlines we saw earlier in WoW, it is much bigger, as a priest for example you get many different quests than for example a hunter (there will still be quests that everyone has but it is much less) . These quests are mostly about the legendary weapons you will get.
And you’ll want these legends because they’re epic! Have you ever wanted to fight Ashbringer? Now you can! And then I also get straight to what I might want most from this expansion, the legendaries in question, the legendaries differ by class and specialization and are highly customizable so that everyone has a different experience with the weapons regardless of the game, much more personal!

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In Warlords of Dreanor I kind of missed the fact that there wasn’t a new race or class, something I always look forward to in a new expansion (with all classes exhausted, refreshing is very nice), but thankfully they made up for it with Legion with the new Demon Hunter class! The demon hunter class is a hero class (meaning you start at level 97) so expect another great intro area, just like the death knights (I won’t spoil it).
All well and good, you’re probably thinking, but why would I play a devil hunter? This is a very good question! I highly recommend the DH for people who do a lot of PvP as you can move very fast so you can switch in and out very quickly and if you play well you also do a lot of DMG which is always fun. And finally you look very fat. Look, who doesn’t want that?

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Also new to Legion is the ability to level up in any area, no matter what level you are. This means that all mobs and tasks are scaled to your level so you can easily choose where to upgrade and not be limited to the zones set for you. It also adds an extra bit of personal choice that makes the experience even better! And perhaps the best thing about the feature is that you can now also level up with friends who may be 1 or 2 levels higher without getting completely defeated by mobs that are much stronger than you. All in all, Blizzard thinks it’s a very good combination of playing your own hero and playing with friends.


I was close to giving Legion a 10 before I realized I had a few small errors in my playthrough. For me this mainly meant a laggy/ jerky picture (I have a pretty good computer so that wasn’t it). I had a few crashes on startup and my action buttons didn’t always respond when I clicked them with my mouse. Mind you, these are really things I’ve struggled with very little, but I’ve also read that I’m not the only one who’s experienced this, so I think it’s something worth mentioning.


World of Warcraft is back with everything you want and maybe a little more! The storyline is good old fashioned again, and with the arrival of artifacts and class-specific questlines, the game is even more immersive than ever.
A few glitches aside, this is a must see for WoW fans and MMO fans in general, not to be missed!

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