WoW players can get a summary of their personal Warcraft history with a single tweet


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Ahead of World of Warcraft’s upcoming Dragonflight expansion, Blizzard and Twitter are teaming up to give players a nostalgic look at their characters’ journey over the past 18 years.

All you need is one tweet. Starting today, players who want to join can simply add their character name, region and server region along with tags. @Warcraft and using #WarcraftStory in a tweet. From there, the Twitter API and Warcraft API will automatically find and generate a “complete” history for that character and send it to players in response to the player’s original tweet.

Warcraft stories shared with players include a rating of their key achievements and other character details beyond just stats, and players can unlock additional stories by continuing to comment on their initial tweets. Those who tweeted will be notified on Twitter when the new Dragonflight game expansion arrives later this year.

After 16 years of researching WoW Twitter chats, Twitter discovered the love for tradition of the Warcraft Twitter community that inspired the #WarcraftStory promotion. And where it comes from, there are even more traditions. Blizzard recently released animated shorts that delve into Warcraft’s dragon knowledge to help players refresh their pre-Dragonflight story.

Twitter isn’t the only way Blizzard plans to promote WoW: Dragonflight ahead of its November 28 release. For the first time, players can earn in-game WoW items by watching Twitch through the platform’s Twitch Drop system. One of the prizes in question was once an incredibly rare dragon potentially worth thousands of dollars, and will now be available to nearly every player and cause quite a stir in the WoW community.

The first phase of the WoW pre-patch: Dragonflight is currently in full swing and will bring major changes to the user interface and an overhaul of the game’s skill system. The second pre-patch phase kicks off on November 15 and introduces the Primal Storms pre-patch event, along with the new playable race Dracthyr and the Evoker class.

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