WoW players are rising incredibly fast thanks to the Trifecta XP bonus


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For those looking to improve on new characters before World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is released, now is the time to do so. Several limited-time events in the game have been packed into one week, meaning you can now level up extremely fast with minimal effort.

Here’s the breakdown: Winds of Wisdom’s 50% XP boost event, which started a few weeks ago and continues into the second phase of the Dragonflight pre-patch on November 15, is the main component of the XP bonus. But two additional limited-time events add some substantial bonuses to this already generous XP boost.

The first is the WoW 18th Anniversary event, which will give players an XP boost of 18% through an in-game item found in the Celebration Pack that will be given to all players who log in through November 27. Also this week is the return of Darkmoon Faire, where players can take a short ride on one of the fair’s roller coasters or carousels to earn a temporary 10% XP boost for an hour.

This gives an up to 78% increase in XP earned with minimal effort. For those who are comfortable with a little PvP during their level journey, players can activate Battle Mode for up to 10-15% extra XP, depending on their faction. With the Battle Mode bonus and all XP boosts from in-game events active, this equates to a massive 88-93% increase in XP gains this week.

All of these events take place simultaneously, meaning there’s never been a better time to level up your characters. Players on Reddit reported that they leveled up characters from level 1 to 50 in about four hours, a time previously reserved for min-max speedrunners. Even if these XP buffs decrease, there will be big changes in the amount of XP needed to level up in Dragonflight, which is 50-60 in particular. On levels, leveling will be faster even without XP buffs activated.

The first phase of the Dragonflight pre-patch is now live, allowing players to use the MMO’s revamped UI and Class Ability System. The second phase on November 15 will feature the game’s newest playable class and race, the Dracthyr Evoker, as well as the Primal Storms pre-patch event. Check out our hands-on preview with Dragonflight alpha to learn more about Dragonflight, including impressions of playing the new Evoker class and trying out the new dragon ride mechanics. Dragonflight is coming exactly on November 28th.

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