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It seems that the story of World of Warcraft will progress over time after the events of Shadowlands in the alpha version of the upcoming Dragonflight expansion based on NPC dialogues.

As documented by Wowhead, two conversations, one on the Horde side and the other on the Alliance side, show that “several years” have passed between the end of Shadowlands and the beginning of Dragonflight, although it is only the “end” of the Shadowlands got story. . A few months before the 9.2 patch was released. If you don’t want any potential plot spoilers, you better come back now..

In Stormwind, human leaders Gene Greymane, Mathias Shaw and Turallion discuss the status of the Alliance, with Shaw talking about the time warp and the fact that the king of Stormwind, Anduin, has still not returned since his last departure. . . Turallion appears to be leading the alliance for him.

On the Horde side, the Blood Elf leader Lorthemar speaks to Night Warden Thalizra, noting that it has been several years since the Horde’s troops returned from the Netherworld, and the relative peace that has existed since. . It is later revealed that Lorthemar and Thalizra got married between the events of Shadowlands and Dragonflight, arguing over who proposed to whom. Gamers from the gaming community are a little upset that they won’t be able to attend the wedding, but they are still excited about the two leaders of the Horde.

For what it’s worth, the time warp isn’t “official” yet. While NPC characters from both the Horde and Alliance in Dragonflight Alpha speak of “a few years” since the heroes of Azeroth returned from the Shadowlands, the dialogue in Alpha may change. live version. game version.

While there is a bigger than usual hole in the game’s timeline, it would be a nice change. As any WoW player knows, Azeroth (and sometimes all of reality) has a new threat that destroys the world every few years when a new expansion comes out, sometimes making the game’s story feel ridiculous. Gamers have long thought that spending time in Shadowlands could have some sort of time-diversion effect, but it’s currently unclear whether Shadowlands is responsible for the time warp or if Blizzard just wants to breathe more for the next installment. About the current history of the game. . .

While Dragonflight alpha is currently in full swing, this time Blizzard is taking a different, more focused approach to testing compared to previous expansion test cycles. The expansion is currently planned for the end of the year. Read our hands-on impressions of Dragonflight Alpha to learn more about what’s new in Dragonflight, including the new Evoker class and dragon riding.

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