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An issue that World of Warcraft Classic players have been complaining about for years has finally been resolved by Blizzard, and the ability to “power” higher-level characters in dungeons has been fundamentally resolved in the latest update to Burning Crusade Classic.

Support became popular in the “classic” version of Blizzard’s long-running MMORPG in 2019, when classes with powerful AoE abilities learned that they could defeat enemies in an entire dungeon and kill them with one shot. For example, mages can easily do this with powerful AOE and crowd control abilities that slow or freeze enemies. This led to top-level wizards and knights selling their “services” to lower-level characters who could join a higher-level character in a dungeon pool, stand at the entrance, and receive rewards when the wizard or knight was killed. All dungeons in one step.

According to Wowhead, players found that in several dungeons in Burning Crusade Classic, they saw changes in the enemy’s behavior that prevented them from grouping or moving. Enemies now teleport to players trying to use ledges and walls to avoid damage. Others are immune to various crowd control effects such as sedation and slow down after a certain amount of time. Blizzard has also implemented an XP penalty for low-level players who score higher, which is another change to combat momentum.

The changes come just after Blizzard launched the “Joyous Journeys” event on September 26, which will provide an additional 50% XP until the release of Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

The changes are similar to last year’s WoW Classic master season, but now also affect the Burning Crusade Classic and the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King Classic, according to a Blizzard forum post a few weeks ago. In the same post, Blizzard states that the gold they offer for booster services is often used for “illegal activities” and that most of the gold earned from boosters is sold to players through third-party sites that violate the game’s terms of service.

Judging by the comments in the WoW Classic subreddit, players are mostly happy with the changes. Buffing has become the primary method of leveling up new characters, causing players to level up faster than intended. While many players quickly reached maximum support, players who leveled up using the traditional method struggled to recruit other players around the world into dungeons or quests, causing more players to request reinforcements.

However, some players are upset about the changes. Frankly, players who do power-up services and get a lot of gold as a result are upset, but many mage and knight players who don’t offer power-up services, but only play dungeons to receive false gold penalties for Blizzard’s update. . These players pointed out that it is hypocrisy on Blizzard’s part to remove the update while the company is offering paid character updates in the in-game store.

This isn’t the first change Blizzard has made to WoW Classic. Blizzard recently revealed its plans for changes to The Wrath of the Lich King Classic, and bigger changes in 2022 seem much more comfortable than the release of WoW Classic in 2019, where Blizzard is aiming for a perfect remake of the original. restoration. Game MMORPG. if possible.

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