WoW’s New Skyboxes Show Big Changes Coming Soon


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Stormwind’s 10-year drought may be coming to an end as the city now has dynamic weather in the PTR. These new Warcraft Skyboxes could also be a sign of an event in other areas.

Any longtime World of Warcraft player can tell you that it hasn’t really rained in Stormwind or other regions since the 2010 Cataclysm expansion.

Aside from the obvious food production issue in Azeroth, the removal of any dynamic weather that includes vanilla has puzzled players ever since.

The zones have been maintained for years with a stable weather pattern, but this may vary depending on the PTR test.

Blizzard Entertainment

In some areas, such as the Arat Highlands, rain still has an effect, but no dynamic weather.

A new WoW skybox appears

With the latest batch of PTR updates, some players have noticed that thunderclouds and rain are finally back in Stormwind. See the article: Every region classification in World of Warcraft: TBC Classic† As Reddit user Sorrel_W noted on his test server, Alliance City once again has a dynamic skybox and weather effects.

These are not the skyboxes we are used to, they actually look like a stormy sky! This simple solution with some rain effects can improve game crashing.

It is unknown why this feature disappeared with Cataclysm. Perhaps it went unnoticed or somehow Deathwing’s attack froze global weather systems. In any case, the return of the changing world environment has already been warmly welcomed by fans.

New Skybox in Stormwind when it rains on the PTR, wow

“This is not the traditional WIN95 MS spray paint effect that I know and love. “I’m not sure I can set it up,” one user said in the comments. “I really like the idea of ​​talking about rain and weather on RP.”

It is not yet clear whether all regions except Alliance City will receive weather updates. But since it’s finally been tested on the PTR, we say there’s a good chance the update will spread to Azeroth.

One thing is certain, “Storm Wind” will eventually give the sky its name again.

Source: Creo Community

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