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Valorant’s knife, a major controversy prior to launch

While equations are odious, it is inevitable to learn many of the mechanics of Valorant of CS:GO† And now that we’re a few days away from the official launch of the Riot Games shooter, some details return that many feel need polishing, such as what refers to the controversies with the knife

Despite the fact that it deals a large amount of damage and also provides a kill with the second button when done from behind or even from the side, the truth is that it is an almost useless weapon as the difficult controls don’t award every reward that goes beyond the humiliation of the rival. Therefore, many users are asking for improvements, such as the to be able to reject a loaded ultimate from a rival.

Make Knife Kills Deny Ult Charge from r/VALORANT

There aren’t a few requests on reddit on this topic, and it would definitely be something the team at Valorant It must be very emphatic. Because having an assault knife should be something more than just a decorative object that can make you stand out in specific circumstances a great move, although without any repercussions in play

Specifically, that user requests that when an enemy has a loaded ultimate and dies from a blade, they lose all their charges. A price that may be excessive, but also implausible and difficult to calculate, although other users answer to this: kill with a knife can steal loads from the ultimateWhich would make it a lot more interesting.

It wouldn’t be a big change, and as a prize for the right use. While others point to the most aggressive option, which is none other than adjusting the economy as is happening in CS:GO† Killing with a knife is the highest economic gain in Valve’s shooter, far above any other weapon. meanwhile in Valorant, a murder is a murder with a weapon, knife or skill. What would be the best solution? It is difficult to estimate. But leaving everything as it is doesn’t seem like a viable option either.

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