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Brave man It has 48 knife blades (and more) with each unique design and theme.

Knife leather is perfect for sending messages and playing mind games with opponents. They may be pricey, but they are worth the investment. Some knives are basic while others are a bit more special. They include features such as animations, unique colors, shapes, and sizes.

The knife, regardless of its skin, does 50 damage on left clicks and 75 damage on right clicks. But don’t expect me to kill you Brave man.

Here are all the knife skins. Brave man And how to get them.

Raider – 3550 VP

Suite – 1750 PV

Prism – 2550 VP

Prime – 3550 VP

Sovereign – 3550 VP

Kingdom – Available through the first episode, action with the first battle pass

Elderflame – 4,950 PV

Oni – 3550 PV

Hivemind – Available in the first episode, the second action battle pass

Glitchpop – 4,350 PV

Nebula – 3550 VP

Spline – 3550 VP

Hit – 1750 VP

EGO – 3550 VP

gravitational uranium neuroblast3550 vice president

Ruins – Available in the first episode, the third action battle pass.

Singularity – 4350 vice president

Ion Energy – 3550 PV

Winterwunderland Candy Candy – 2550 VP

Blastx Polymer Knife – 4,350 PV

Glitchpop Ax – 4,350 PV

Brave man to go! t1 – 3550PV

Outpost – Available in the second episode, the action of the first combat pass

Prime 2.0 Karambit: 3550 HP

Prism III – Available in the second episode, action with the second battle pass

Magepunk Electric Blade – 3650 VP

Song Steel – Available in the second episode, the third battle pass in action

Abandoned Ritual Knife – 3,550 VP

Tethered Realms Prosperity – 3550 VP

Origin – 3550 VP

K/CT – Available through the episode ThreeThe first action is the battle pass.

The Ruined King’s Knife – 4350 VP

It’s a Sentinel relic. – 4350 VP

Recon – 3550 VP

Artisan Foil – Available in the third episode, the action of the second fight pass

Waveform – 5,350 PV

Yorus Elegant Butterfly Comb – 3550 vice president

Professional blade RGX 11Z – 4350 vice president

katrina- 2550 vice president

Radiant Crisis 001 Baseball Wand – 2550 vice president

Wizardpunk 2.0 – 3,550 VP

snow wand – 2550PV

Velocity Karambit – Available in the fourth episode, Action First Combat Pass

Personal Administrative Shock Division – 4,950 PV

Hu Els – 3550 VP

Hack – 3,550 VP

Strike: Available in the fourth episode, the action of the second fight pass.

Gaia’s Wrath – 3550 VP

How to insert knives Brave man

Every knife on this list can be purchased by VALORANT Rotating store.

Leather knife can cost up to 5350 Brave man Points per se, but in the package, they are free. Knives cost 1750 VP when sold separately. If you want to buy a knife and you’re not interested in buying a lot, wait for your favorite knife to appear in the store (or night market) and spend it.

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