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Ocelot: ‘G2 will one day become world champion Valorant’

The new shooter from Riot Games, Valorantis going to be a big success and we already know that this is one of the favorite words of Ocelot† The CEO of G2 Esports has confirmed his expectations with this game in the future in an interview for skysports and has not hesitated to make sure that they will become world champions.

G2 Esports plans to create a lot of content related to Valorant† Ocelote has already confirmed the first invitational tournament worldwide. Some kind of competition organized by the club in which the Riot game will be the scene of the competition. There will be a total of 8 teams participating and as published by the club there will be only one winner from the entire tournament.

We carry 15 years of being a relevant club and Valorant will help us stay that wayOcelot confirmed. The Spaniard comes from winning the LEC spring split with his club whose protagonists are already trying the new Riot Games shooter on vacation.

Ocelot didn’t miss the chance to compliment the new game who gives a lot of baguettes on his own Twitch channel: «The game is very well designed, very smooth and has nothing left. It might be a bit overwhelming at first, but it’s not. It is very simple and the simplicity makes it a very deep game. He has everything he needs, he has nothing left and he lacks nothing. It’s a perfect gameI really think it’s a perfect game.”

To conclude and already know the Spaniard’s personality, it was clear that he thinks “G2 becomes world champion Valorant some time

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