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When will the Valorant servers close for launch? Date and time

These last days of closed beta in Valorant for the official launch it serves a lot and a lot. Especially knowing that for several days we will not be able to participate in the game in a server shutdown that takes us from today, Thursday, May 28, to next Tuesday, June 2. But how long can we play?

From Riot Games they’ve repeated it to us countless times, but it never hurts to remember what will be the last chance to climb the ranking… before you lose our rank and have to start all over again when qualifying resumes. That won’t be at launch, but at least a week later. Moment we have to take advantage of for those 20 (or maybe more) previous games we need to complete before we can play rankings.

The team’s message Valorant is clear. This afternoon will be the moment of truth, and we can play right up to 5:59 PM. (peninsula time of Spain). At that point, the game search engine will be blocked, but if we were already busy entering one or in the middle of another, we don’t have to worry, because everything will run normally so we can play that last game can complete without problem. everything until 19:30 when the servers will be closedthe beginning of the painful waiting of many.

It will be a long wait, more coincident with the weekend, so it will certainly be dates to theorize whether the official data on the two new agents, the new map and the new game mode that await us with the launch of Valorant

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