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Richard Lewis: I think s1mple will leave CS for Valorant

Esports journalist Richard Lewis discussed in the podcast “The Mauisnake Show” the possible continuation of Alexander s1mple Kostylev’s career in the Valorant pro scene.

The video is available on analyst and caster Alex Mauisnake Ellenberg’s YouTube channel. Lewis noted s1mple’s burnout and hatred of Counter-Strike 2:

I think s1mple will leave CS for Valorant. Ukrainian players and people associated with NaVi confirm that he is burned out and wants to rest, and also hates CS2. I think it’s true. We all know that s1mple streamed Valorant. He loves challenges and will receive the kind of money for changing disciplines that eSports has never seen before. Maybe he can play Valorant for NaVi.

Richard Lewis

We remind you that on October 26, professional CS player Alexander s1mple Kostylev officially announced that he was taking a break from performing in the competitive stage of Valve’s shooter.

On October 31, Igor w0nderful Zhdanov officially became Natus Vincere’s fifth player and the team’s new sniper. The team’s next tournament will take place on November 22-26 in Copenhagen (Denmark). The prize money of BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023 is 425 thousand dollars.

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