Did you like Gekko, Valorant’s new agent? So get ready to explore his hometown of Los Angeles thanks to Riot Games’ new map, Sunset, revealed during the Valorant Champions tournament. This map, focused on central control, promises to be one of the coolest, thanks in part to the beautiful lighting.

6G technology: a revolution in connectivity…

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6G Technology: A Revolution in Connectivity and Society in the Digital Age

Sunset, a focus on central control

Located in Los Angeles, Sunset is home to the Valorant development team and Gekko, one of Valorant’s newest and most popular agents. The structure of this map stays true to the traditional three-lane, two-location maps that are quite common in games like Valorant.

A strategy for position defense

What sets Sunset apart from other Valorant maps is the importance of controlling the center and the ability for both teams to claim it as territory during a round. According to Joe Lansford, lead map designer at Valorant, this central zone is not an advantage for any team and it will be a strategic imperative to maintain a presence there throughout the round.

“Valorant has several versions of the three-lane map formula, but it’s been a while since we’ve developed one with a strong focus on central controls – hence Sunset.” explained Lansford. “’Sunset’ presents an intersection that is quite difficult to control and that doesn’t really favor either team; It’s generally good for shooting lanes and offers a lot of options to the team that manages to capture it. We expect both teams to make center control a key part of their strategy at Sunset.”

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A promising look

From the images and video clips shared, the map looks great, with lots of iconic LA elements like food trucks, a business park and, of course, traffic. As the name suggests, it is also located at the end of the day, which gives the map a warm glow and impressive lighting, clearly distinguishing it from other maps.

Sunset was revealed during Valorant Champions, the game’s annual world championship taking place in Los Angeles this year. Are you ready to take control of Sunset?

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