Who doesn’t like free stuff? Stay updated with the latest Valorant Redemption Codes for September 2023.

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Valorant has a large number of cosmetics that players can show off during their in-game battles across different game modes.

Want to climb the competitive ladder? Want Earn XP fast to get you ready Battle Pass? Or maybe you plan to test your skills in something new Premier Mode open beta?

Whichever path you choose, there is often a reward at the end. But what about getting incredible rewards without lifting a finger? This is where redemption codes come into play!

Free Valorant Codes – September 2023

Riot Games distributes these codes in various ways, but primarily through its social media platforms. Their expiration dates vary slightly, so we’ll keep you updated on their status.

However, the codes for September 2023 are:

  • YTILAUD: Duality Player Card

There’s only one this month, but stay tuned for more to come! Hopefully…

If you’re curious about expired codes, here are some you may have forgotten. You can check for yourself if they are still active:

  • JUBILANT02: Use this code to earn a proud player title
  • SUNSET: Use this code for a Pride Gamer card
  • CATTON CANDY: Claim this code for a Pride Player Card
  • SHERBERT: Activate this redemption code to receive a Pride player card
  • PRISMATIC: Use this redemption code for a Pride Player Card
  • GALACTIC: Enter this redemption code to receive a Pride Gamer card
  • PRIMARY: Use this redemption code and get a Pride Gamer card
  • DUSK: Use this loose code to get a Pride Gamer card
  • JUBILANT01: Use this loose code and claim an Allied Player title

Valorant: Use Codes

Follow these simple steps to claim your freebies:

Generally, the codes can be redeemed on the official Valorant website. However, it appears that the relay page is currently down. So try to use your codes in the game:

  • Log in to Valorant with your account
  • Click on the Valorant icon next to the Store tab.
  • Select “Prepaid Cards and Codes”
  • Paste the code in the pop-up window
  • And here we go!

Buy Redeemable Valorant Codes

Currently, Valorant does not support the purchase of gift cards (codes) directly in the game. Your only option to purchase redeemable codes is through Amazon.

This article contains affiliate links marked with (shop symbol). Under certain conditions, we may receive a small commission from these links. This has no influence on the price of the products for you.

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