How to vomit in Valorant?.

How to vomit in Valorant? In combat with video games or where you are facing enemies, knowing when to retreat is very important. One of the games where players can surrender is Valorant. This option is very useful in different circumstances, also because you are walking lose in the game or have problems technical and you can’t fight well, surrender is an alternative that can be very useful.

One thing to keep in mind is when time when you wantUltimately, the rest of your team will have to agree to this surrender, since this is a multiplayer game where these kinds of decisions have to be made by everyone.

give up

like you already we explain in Valorant It is possible for a team to step down if they are uncomfortable in any way, but as we have indicated, this decision is a group decision and should not be made by an individual player, as the moment one of the players resign, that is the case It is assumed that the whole team resigns.

Another thing to consider at the time of surrender is that it’s not just the player asking for it You lose the game pointsthe rest of the players will lose them, remember that at thirteen points the battle is won, so surrender is an alternative to consider.

How to vomit in Valorant?

the voice

As you will understand, this action requires the team members to vote whether or not to agree to the surrender. Usually this action requires a majority vote, they must 80% agree of the team members it is done through the team chat, the member who wants to give up sends a message to which the others respond by sending the words yes or no depending on their decision.

certain restrictions

how is normal some are applied Restrictions on choosing the alternative of waiver are the following:

How to vomit in Valorant?

  • In normal mode only those 80% agreement of the team members.
  • The attempts at surrender They are only allowed once per level.
  • Voting for the surrender process is allowed from the eighth round.

The commands to use

The assignments go The following should be used for the procedure:

  • to activate of mood:
    • Pressure the Esc keythen press send.
    • Also You can press EnterThis will open the chat where you have to write: /ff, /concede or /surrende.
  • For approve or reject the option you need to check:
    • F5 on vote yes
    • F6 on Select no

Remember that 4 of your 5 classmates you must agree. You should note that giving up has consequences and one of them is losing points in the MMR, so this should be the last option, it’s better to lose than to give up.

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