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The Moscow Computer Club posted a vacancy for a “party-goer-gamer” with a salary of up to 205 thousand rubles

A Moscow computer club called iziPlay posted an unusual vacancy. The team needs a “gamer-party-goer”, and they promise to pay him from 80 to 205 thousand rubles.

The duties of the future employee include: spending at least 12 hours in the club itself, communicating with visitors. In addition, he will have to play games with them.

The goal of the “party gamer” is to ensure guests leave satisfied and spend time in maximum comfort. He will also taste new potions and support players when things go wrong.

Such an employee plays in the club for free. He gets an account with expensive skins to use. The club also provides the employee with food delivery up to a thousand rubles a day, health checks, payment for the services of a psychologist and masseur.

For every victory with the guests, the “party gamer” receives a bonus. Reportedly, his career will allow him to advance to director of the loyalty department.

Previously, a resident of the Moscow region took 300 thousand rubles in microloans to buy skins in CS:GO.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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