How to set a vision in Valorant?.

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brave is a First Person Shooter (FPS) game developed by for PC Riot games, the company behind other hugely popular games like League of Legends. The game is available for free and includes similar games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch.

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Valorant features strategic maps and realistic weapons in a fully competitive environment like: B. Counter Strike, in addition to Overwatch-style looks and powers.

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  • Looks like Valorant is almost coming to consoles

Players must compete for up to 25 quick rounds in 5v5 teams to activate or deactivate a bomb (spike). In each match, players have only one life and the dispute can last up to 1 hour.

Aiming could be much better.Source: Epic Games

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As in CS:GO, Valorant offers competitive games in which two teams of five must place or disarm the nail. Therefore, one of the most important points in the preparation of the game is the Carrying cross adjustmentwhich has several options to optimize and improve the player’s performance – for example, it is possible to create different target profiles and change them during the game.

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How to set a gaze in Valorant

1. Game settings

After clicking on the gear, select the “Settings” option.Source: Playback/Valorant

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Open the game, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen and open “Settings”.

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2. Mouse and Sensitivity

“General tab.Source: Valorant

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Under “General” on the “Mouse” tab, you can set the crosshair sensitivity, the sensitivity multiplier and reverse the mouse.

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3. Carrying cross

Policy tab.Source: Playback/Valorant

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In the “Reticle” tab it is possible to select the “Reticle Profile” to select or create the best reticle for the game. All profiles you have already created are stored in this category.

How to set up a crosshair in Valorant?

4. Primary

Select “Primary” and adjust the target profile.Source: Playback/Valorant

Still select Primary on the Reticle tab and make advanced changes such as: B. selecting color, thickness, opacity and other reticle adjustments.

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5th game

After selecting or creating the custom crosshair profile, simply close the settings and return to the game.

How to set up a crosshair in Valorant?

Discover the meaning of each setting type

  • Carrying cross color: Determines the color of the carrying cross.
  • Outlines: Determines whether the crosshair has an outline or not.
  • Outline Opacity: Determines how visible the outline is.
  • Outline Thickness: Adjusts the size of the outline around the crosshair.
  • Center: Determines whether the crosshair has a center or not.
  • Center Opacity: Set the transparency of the center.
  • Center Strength: Adjusts the size of the center point.
  • Clear Crosshair on Misfire: Determines whether the top line of the crosshair is cleared during a sustained (spray) shot.
  • Show Watched Player Crosshair: Determines whether or not you can see the watched player’s custom crosshair.
  • Inner Line Opacity: Determines how visible the inner crosshair lines will be.
  • Inner Line Length: Determines how long the inner reticle will be.
  • Inner Line Thickness: Determines the thickness of the inner line of the carrying cross.
  • Inner Line Offset: Adjusts how far the inner lines are from the center.
  • Motion Error: Determines if the interior lines open when you move.
  • Trigger Error: Determines if the internal lines open when firing.
  • Outer Line Opacity: Determines how visible the outer lines are.
  • Outer Dash Length: Determines how long the outer cross hairline will be.
  • Outline Thickness: Determines the thickness of the outline of the crosshair.
  • Outer Line Offset: Adjusts how far the outer lines will be from the center.
  • Motion Error: Determines if the outer lines open when you move.
  • Trigger Error: Determines whether trunks open when triggered.