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Mixwell is placed as transferable in G2, an option for KOI

the paths of Mix wellOcelote and Ibai seem doomed to understand each other if the directions of the past week are followed and the fact is that the player is now declaring his situation as transferable just a few days after KOI wanted him in their ranks, a story characterized by his sideline activity in the G2 of the past few days.

The most famous Spanish player in the professional scene of Valorant is on the market, and when Mixwell’s shadow matches that of Ibai Llanos, anything can happen, especially because of the strength of both brands for a name as powerful as the one KOI used in the early months of its life proposes.

In “Discussing Calmly,” a program created by KOI to talk about LoL news, Ibai appeared as part of the show to answer several questions from the commentators and didn’t stop when Yuste asked him about Mixwell: “I have asked Ocelote directly about the player’s situation and at the moment it is not clear. Based on what is known, it will be tried or not, that could be for a few days or for the next few months«.

Now the situation changes completely when verifying that he is marked as transferable, making these words of Ibai a definitive approach to his possible signing. This is what the CEO of KOI said: «We are aware of his situation because he is an interesting player. It depends on what role Mixwell wants to be, if he wants to play Valorant, in what position, what the coaching staff think…«.

Mixwell’s own words go in this direction and it’s hard to be clearer: “I’m officially on the G2 bench. I can explore the possibilities and am open to any offer.«, an open proposal accompanied by the contact person of the manager of the team of Valorant of the samurai.

For more information, please contact G2’s Valorant Esports Manager @knok1 (

— G2 m1xwell (@Mixwell) January 25, 2022

After Ibai’s famous words, the rumor mill multiplied, to which more than one direct wink must be added in some streaming, such as direct calls from Ocelote itself. Of course, this action is still a curious detail, but the importance of a call with this much value at the table is something to talk about.

The hype on social networks seems to explode with the possibility of seeing Mixwell together with Ibai in the same project, especially knowing that the streamer and Piqué will be part of the new Riot Shooter League created by the Professional Video Game League.

It seems impossible to say no to one of the most representative players in the competitive game in Spanish within Valorant, but it would be strange to say the least to see such a rapid change in the KOI roster after the club’s recent founding. If you don’t take a risk, you don’t win, and Ibai knows a lot about that.

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