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The world champion of Fortnite… a step away from Valorant?

The influence of Riot Games is unparalleled, and as the arrival of Valorant It was a before and after for many amateur players, nothing went unnoticed by the professionals either. A change to which countless proper names have already been added, and to which the young man seems to be able to be added bughafirst and current world champion of Fortnite

A small wink by way of protest, but there could be much more behind it. Or so he dropped it on social networks to his friend and former Squad partner, thwifo, who announced his temporary layoff last week Fortnite to commit to Valorant in body and soul, only with his possible return for the 2021 World Cup. To which Bugha wanted to respond, with an open statement to be read by all, that “You made the right decision

Does this mean that Bugha will also make such a switch to Riot’s shooter? Could be. Although the main message is due to the horrible patch v12.61 who broke the aim assist in the buttons† And all that at the gates of a competitive tournament. Therefore, it has had an even greater impact on what exactly would be expected to be a grain of those mechanics.

Confused and angry, like many professionals in FortniteBugha congratulated his partner for making this decision on time, with complicated days ahead in the competition Fortnite† But, that entry for all his followers to read, does the young American, just 17 years old, intend to give any idea about his potential transition? sentriesorganization to which he belongs, in fact he already has a team of ValorantYes They don’t have a complete list yet…

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