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MTG Dominaria United Wizard cards support Mono-Blue tempo and control builds

Returning to Dominaria, home of the Tolarian Academy, means the return of powerful wizards, two of whom were revealed on the penultimate day. will dominate united spoilers

Mages are primarily found in blue and red and focus on disruptive abilities and entering the battlefield. with MagicWizards have increased their power in recent years. will dominate united They are much stronger than the last plane ride in 2018.

would dominate united It launches digitally on September 1, followed by a desktop release on September 9. When the set enters Standard, there are potential Mage cards to make an immediate impact. Magicin different formats.

Academy Loremaster (unofficial translation via MTGGoldfish)

  • Meaning of mana: UU
  • Type: Creature Human Master
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Statistics: 2/3
  • First Ability: At the beginning of each player’s draw step, that player may draw one additional card. If they do, the spells they cast that turn cost two more.

Wizard Tribal is a strategy that can appear when the current Dominaria story is resolved. Academy Loremaster is an interesting card that rewards draw control decks that don’t want to cast any spells on their turn.

The ability is risky because it gives the opponent an extra card per turn. This is balanced by taxing the spells they cast on their turn. However, this is optional. The opponent can use an additional card to find an answer or win condition, which is a risky bet.

In the right shell, Academy Loremaster should be more beneficial to you than the opponent. In an instant speed tempo deck full of lightning creatures and counterspells, Academy Loremaster’s debuff doesn’t affect you at all.

Tempo decks thrive on breaking the opponent’s curve. Sure, the opponent gets an extra card, but that doesn’t matter when he can’t cut spells and play the whole game from behind.

The value of Academy Loremaster is determined by the metagame. In a meta with a lot of control, this card cannot be played in the main deck and will be on the sideboard for certain matchups. If Standard evolves into a mid-range format, Academy Loremaster could be one of the best cards on the Mono-Blue Tempo motherboard.

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  • Mana Cost: 2U
  • Type: Creature Human Master
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Stats: 2/1
  • First Ability: When Aether Channeler enters the battlefield, choose one – Create a 1/1 White Bird creature token with flying. She returns another target nonland permanent to its owner’s hand. draw a card

Aether Channeler is versatile Magic card. The 2/1 body is fragile, but has the ability to adapt to the state of the game. Aether Channeler can be a solid choice for Mono-Blue Tempo decks in the three mana slot.

Creating a 1/1 flying body would be a good way to apply pressure. An opponent’s turn in the third round is a major momentum change. Drawing a card is always a good thing and will help you keep the land drops going.

The ability improves in Eternal formats when combined with cards like Harmonic Prodigy and Naban, Dean Of Iteration. These cards can be duplicated with the activation of Aether Channeler. Look for this card in Wizard-tribal Commander lists and it can affect 60-card formats.

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