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MTG Dominaria United Voltron commander Danitha, Benalia’s Hope cheats cards into play

Bring several strategies. Magic: Gathering There’s more to the community than those that focus on Aura and Equipment cards, more commonly known as Voltron strategies.

From Commander to Standard, Voltron’s strategies focus on taking out a single threat and winning the game through combat damage. The archetype can present threats that can’t be matched in combat, but fall apart against heavy decks.

Voltron decks in recent years have been gifted creatures that create value off offense, making decks less fragile. i like cards Halvar, God of Battle // Sword of Realms It helps the strategy fight and build value through withdrawal.

the original domain It had the main theme of aura and equipment. will continue this trend would dominate united Introduction Danita, Voltron’s new legendary creature, Benalia’s hope. She combines a superior keyword body with an ability that tricks cards into play, providing a new option for tall white decks.

Danita, Hope of Benalia

  • Mana cost: five
  • Type: Human Knight Legendary Creature
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Stats: 4/4
  • Keywords: first attack, surveillance, rescue connection.
  • First Ability: When Danita, Hope of Benalia enters the battlefield, you may put an Aura or Equip card from your hand or graveyard onto the battlefield attached to Danita.

This five mana threat is similar to Danita Kapashen, Paragon domain. They’re both Voltron Legendaries, so it’s easy to put Aura and Gear cards on them. Danitha, Benalia’s Hope is a more unexpected threat as a 4/4 creature with three big combat keywords: First Strike, Vigilance, and Lifeline.

Danitha is a powerful way to cheat the cost of expensive equipment. In Eternal formats, cards like Embercleave and Colossus Hammer will turn Danita into an immediate watch that threatens to end the game in turns.

Pioneer Hammer Time is a threshold deck that could use some new cards, including one from Danitha would dominate united Continuous training in the format.

Standard has less access to overtly powerful equip and aura cards than other formats. With his 4/4 body and keyword abilities, simply equipping Lizard Blades on his double hit is a good play. Other cards that can work well with Danita are Nurturing Presence and Lion Girdle.

Virtue Eater may be the card that unlocks Danita in Standard. Danita must kill the threat due to her power. This is where the Virtue Eater comes in. If she is equipped with a Virtue Eater and dies, she will give the Virtue Eater the first hit, save, and vigilance. This is a quick way to power up a Virtue Eater.

would dominate united It will be released digitally on September 1st, followed by a desktop release on September 9th.

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