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Timeless Lotus produces 5 colors in MTG Dominaria United

Magic: Gathering Return to Dominaria wouldn’t be complete without a new Lotus card.

One of the most powerful cards. Magic Coming from the first set of the game. Black Lotus is a simple zero mana artifact that can be sacrificed for three mana of any color. This card is a famous piece. Magic A story known for its power and the price it imposes on the secondary market.

Magic Constantly printed mana rocks returning to Black Lotus, trying to put a new spin on the broken card. The last visit to Dominaria in 2018 was Gilded Lotus, a five mana rock that added three mana of one color. Other Lotus cards include Jeweled Lotus, Lotus Field, and Lotus Pedal, all of which are staples in various formats.

would dominate united brings a new card to the Lotus family, joining the set’s five-color archetype in Limited and then into the rotation in Standard.

eternal lotus

  • Mana cost: five
  • Type: Legendary Artifact
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Ability 1: Permanent Lotus enters the battlefield on touch.
  • Second option: Touch: Add WUBRG.

It’s good. The Golden Lotus was once played as a five-man rock in Standard. Timeless Lotus is similar to Gilded Lotus as a luxury artifact that can help you around the corner later in the game.

Timeless Lotus doubles your mana output if played on turn five. Tapping WUBRG will help you pay for five-color spells in the mastery deck. Omnath, Locus of Creation’s second ability, proved that getting mana, even if they’re different colors, is a great way to hype and keep expensive spells.

One major drawback is that Timeless Lotus is legendary. Drawing additional copies of Timeless Lotus will create dead cards in your hand. This drawback can be mitigated if it works in a deck that allows you to discard cards for value.

would dominate united It will be performed magic sand Y online magic on September 1, followed by a worldwide tabletop release on September 9.

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