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The next TFT galaxy will take your life, risk multiplied

Riot Games takes the step to show earlier than usual all tweaks from patch 10.11 from TFT and in the presentation streaming it leaves a small gap to show the new galaxy, a good host with open hands to lower the limit of the game with the following name: play it with only 85 life points.

The beautiful world of TFT developers is celebrating and the new Little Little Legends galaxy (something like little little legends in the absence of an official translation), leaves us a nice proposal where we start with 15 life points less than usual, but it is not the only change.

That curious wink at the friendly penguin modeled to look angry, with a hat helicopter and a lollipop symbolizes the touch of the little pets, which will now be smaller and move faster around the map, although this is worth nothing more to the gameplay than for some first smile.

The proposal is shown by Mortdog, chief designer of the Riot Games car chess game, which in the last stream on Twitch showed all the changes of the pieces in addition to the aforementioned galaxy that will go into rotation from next Thursdayan odd day for patches corresponding to North American holidays.

The meta turns into hyperroll compositions after a second consecutive patch of nerfs for Kayle and Xayah, two of the most broken pieces in the game right now, joined by another quick comp friend to reach level 3, Caitlyn. †

This opens the door for more variants in Kayle’s chrono compositions, but mostly it’s an instant nerf for various hyperroll compositions that Xayah has popped up all over, perhaps this Thursday’s return of Poppy’s Candyland. And more importantly, the end of the season with the restart of the split, the standings and the signing new pieces already filtered

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