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TFT: Galaxies has been renewed, the farewell to Cho’Gath and the welcome to Teemo

Why change things little by little when you can innovate and surprise your own game? That’s what they must have thought of Riot Games, giving a 180º turn to TFT you are Set 3: Galaxies† A new challenge, but one that keeps us in the world of galaxies, although at the same time it is time to say goodbye to 9 champions and welcome to another 14 like Urgot, Nocturne, Nautilus… and Teemo!

Numerous novelties that are added of course to a complete balance change that affects not only champions but also their attributes, items and the Galaxies themselves, such as the implementation of a new Galaxy in exchange for another one from patch 10.13 (with the removal of the Purple Haze on 10.12).

Of course, all this Set 3: Galaxies renewal of TFT It also brings us a new Galaxies II pass full of new rewards that we can get for the rest of Set 3. How you get them won’t vary too much, so it’s worth checking out all the news to concentrate:

  • eliminate them the Void attribute, along with Kha’Zix, Cho’Gath and Vel’Koz
  • eliminate them the Valkyrie attribute, along with Kai’Sa, Kayle and Miss Fortune
  • Also they eliminate Sona, Kassadin and Lux

Welcome to War Machine

No, we’re not talking about Iron Man’s best friend, we’re talking about the new attribute that comes with it TFT to occupy many of the vacant places, so as not to saturate the game too much: «After dealing or taking damage 10 times, war machines activate a bonus effect based on their current health. If they have more than half their health, they deal 75/150/225 magical damage to the nearest enemy. If they have less than half their health, they heal for 75/150/225† And with that, up to six champions arrive or return:

  • Illaoic: Rank 1 Fighter
  • Nocturne: Rank 2 Infiltrator
  • Kog’Maw: Shooter Rank 2
  • Cassiopeia: Rank 3 Mystic
  • Victor: Rank 4 Wizard
  • Urgot: Rank 5 Guardian

Teemo and his astronauts

And removing two attributes should put a new one in its place as well. They are the astronauts, whose main characteristic is to astronauts mana costs up to 30. Causes frenzy on primary skill casts of:

  • nautilus: Rank 2 Vanguard
  • Bard: Rank 3 Mystic
  • gnar: Rank 4 Fighter
  • Teemo: Rank 4 Sniper

In a third new attribute they contain: Janna, the Examplea Rank 5 Star Guardian with the ability to push enemies in tandem improves the attack speed of her allies. Arrival contributing to that of Vayne, CyberSniper Grade 3; Zed, rebel, infiltrator Rank 2 and Riven, Chrono, Swordsman of rank 4.

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