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Riot Mortdog addresses TFT 12.7 B-patch for Set 7.5

A team fight tactics A Patch B for 12.17 will be released later today, but not all the bugs in Set 7.5 have been ironed out, according to the game’s Design Director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer.

Mortdog revealed last night that patch 12.17 B fixes several balance issues since the release of Set 7.5. Unknown Realms of Dragonlands. The featured nerfs were Cannoneer and Darkflight, while champions like Pantheon and Olaf also suffered significant energy reductions. 12.17 Balance changes cannot affect everything cutWith more changes planned as part of patch 12.18 on September 21.

When loading patch B 12.17, TFT According to Mortdog, the text changes window was “Loc Lock passed for patch 12.18”. Text changes that change things like Auras will have to wait until patch 12.19. Features like Dragonmancer were also not balanced in Patch B because it was micro-patched for release. TFT Set 7.5. The fastest changes can be made to Dragonmancer’s trait and several of his champions are patch 12.18, respectively. cut.

The main bug has been fixed internally. TFT Patch 12.17 B though. Multiple bug issues, including Zyra and Cena empty targets hitting incorrectly, Ezreal and Lux ​​issues with Skipping Stone Boom. cut. Boom will be disabled during patch B 12.17 and will not be enabled until the team can fix the technical issues.

the Unknown Realms of Dragonlands Patch B 12.17 will hit the live servers around 2pm CT today. There is another TFT The 7.5 package balance changes are planned through patches 12.18 and 12.19.

Source: Dot Esports


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