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TFT Patch 12.17: Full notes and updates for Set 7.5 launch

Moved to Riot Games team fight tactics Mid game with patch 12.17, showing off the new traits, dragons, champions, systems, tactics, and more in the 7.5 game.

Patch 12.17 is an update to the official release TFT set 7.5 Unknown Realms of Dragonlands. The Mid-Set contains a number of changes, from a Dragon Trait overhaul and a total of 12 dragons to a total of 29 traits and 62 champions. Reworks were also applied to the Astral Trait, along with new tables for the redesigned Treasure Dragon Armory. release TFT On September 8, the 7.5 pack also includes a soft reset, a new battle pass, Little Legends, and Chibi Champions.

it’s here TFT Patch Notes 12.17.

All new and recycled. TFT Set 7.5 Content

changes that are taking place unknown kingdoms The middle set is huge. Here’s a full list of all the changes happening, from the 7.5 cheat sheet and champion set to reworked traits and tables.

  • TFT Game 7.5 Cheat Sheet
  • TFT Set 7.5 champions, stats and abilities
  • TFT Kit 7.5 Dragon Trait Rework
  • TFT Set 7.5 Astral Trait Processing
  • TFT Kit 7.5 Treasure Dragon Rework
  • TFT Install item changes 7.5
  • TFT Set 7.5 Draconic Augment Changes
  • everybody TFT Set 7.5 tables
  • TFT Set 7.5 Little Legends and Chibi Champions

And for players who tested during PBE, here are all the final balance changes that were made before launch. Unknown Realms of Dragonlands.

Soft reset mid game

throw TFT Set 7.5 contains a soft reset to the ranked ladder. All players drop a full level unless they are ranked Master or higher. For example, player Gold Two will start unknown kingdoms Set to Silver Two. All players ranked Master and above will drop at Diamond Four.

classified awards Set Seven will be released with patch 12.17, but the full release may take a few days. All players at the beginning. TFT Set 7.5 will receive five temporary matches in which the top four places will earn bonus LP, while placing in the bottom four will not lose LP.

Changes to Double Up and Hyper Roll

Players who compete in Double Up mode will have an easier ranking. Profit lines inside TFT The mode has been expanded to 12 and will now be used within the Diamond level. LP rewards have also been adjusted, preventing large LP losses and gains between divisions and levels.

Hyper Roll mode features Seastone charges from the Lagoon feature that are twice as fast as standard. And Shimmerscale items like Gambler’s Blade and Goldmancer’s staff were nerfed.

Patch 12. 17 bug fixes

  • The Cybernetic Uplink Augment on Double Up no longer regenerates mana between end of combat and deployed augments.
  • Voidspawns on Double Up will now retain the correct health after being hardened.
  • Improved throw interactions when units have increased range. Many units will now move into range to cast their ability instead of waiting for a unit to come into range of their broadcast. Units that must walk within range if their target dies are reliably dropped after walking.
  • Mirage’s secondary trait, Pirate, will no longer grant gold after PVE rounds.

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