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Final TFT Set 7.5 PBE balance changes nerf Nilah, traits

a final team fight tactics A set of 7.5 PBE patches were released last night, showing major nerfs applied to traits like Dragonmancer, Lagoon, and Shimmerscale, along with a much-needed nerf for Nilah.

PBE balance changes made today will go into effect on September 8, one day later than usual due to the North American Labor Day holiday. Several notable adjustments have been made TFT Set up 7.5 champions like Nila, four-cost lagoon, and killer traits, along with lux buffs.

And several key features have been hit with nerfs, from Dragonmancer to Shimmerscale.

the Unknown Realms of Dragonlands The PBE patch is the final update before launch, announced on Twitter tonight by the game’s design director, Steven.cut“Mortimer. No changes are planned until patch 12.18 on September 21, unless a B patch is required.

Nila was a dominant terror during PBE testing, disrupting rear carrier components due to her Assassin trait combined with Laguna’s trait. The tweaks slowed her cast by one and two stars, and also applied attack speed and ability nerfs to the lagoon trait.

Applied a bug fix to Malphite, who has a Champion Shield Scale Set 7.5, having ability power from the flat of the shield instead of percentage of health, according to game designer Kent.kent riot“Court. And after some nerfs during PBE testing, Lux has a slight buff to her secondary spell damage at all three stars.

Shimmerscale’s trait hit hard across the board, nerfing Crown of Champions, Mogul’s Mail, Determined Investor, Gambler’s Blade, and Draven’s Axe. The storm broke out on 4/6/8. The guild was in tune. And minor adjustments have been made to the Dragonmancer trait.

Players can check team fight tactics Set 7.5 PBE Changes Before Official Release Unknown Realms of Dragonlands Thursday September 8 with patch 12.17.

Source: Dot Esports


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