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TFT team drops major 7.5 PBE patch for weekend playtesting

Heading into the first weekend of PBE testing team fight tactics Set 7.5, the balance team put together a huge update today, covering everything from dragons and trains to buffs and traits.

Scheduled to go live on servers on September 8, TFT Suite 7.5 is working on its balance on PBE servers. I have been going for the first weekend since Unknown Realms of Dragonlands Released on the PBE, the Balance team will release their biggest patch to date around 2pm CT today. Future patches leading up to the official release will be slowed down, according to game design director Stefan.cutMortimer, while the Balance team tries to block the final changes.

Nasus was a strong frontline tank from Shimmerscale early in the game, but he was probably too strong as the team whittled away at his bonus health and spell damage a bit. Lee Xin received additional tweaks after his newly added ability went live yesterday, and Volibear should feel better about the game after discovering the bug-avoidable changes.

Big changes to the champion include Daeja’s passive damage, nerfs to three-star Grave, nerfs to Swain Tyrant Dragon, nerfs to Soraka’s one- and two-star heals, and an enchant buff for Jace.

Orbs have their newly reworked astral properties slightly reduced. Dragonmancer trait slightly shaken. Zippy’s guild bonus has been reduced to six. And Lagoon had the power and attack speed of his abilities.

Runaan’s Hurricane once again struck a nerve with the lightning attack’s damage percentage. Several draconic augments have been hacked, from Jayce’s lucky gloves that provide AP items and the blue battery that provides additional abilities.

Players can check everything. Unknown Realms of Dragonlands Changes to the PBE server over the weekend to prepare for the official launch TFT Set 7.5 on September 8.

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