That’s what we find out today PUBG Corp. (subsidiary of the Korean company blue hole) decided to attack Epic games unjust. The first city He actually accuses the latter of plagiarism and copyright infringement.

This process actually started last January on Korean soil. More precisely, it is the Korean subsidiary ofEpic games (Epic Games Korea), which is the subject of this lawsuit. Therefore, the Seoul Central District Court will rule on this case and therefore have to decide whether Fortnite really “copied” PUBG.

Inspirational Story: Baker

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Inspirational Story: Baker

For the record, Bluehole has previously expressed his dissatisfaction with Fortnite and its mode Battle Royale In September 2017.

We have a long-standing relationship with the company Epic games during the development of PUBG, as our game uses the engine Unreal Engine 4Engine manufactured by Epic games. After listening to feedback from our community and reviewing the gameplay of Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode, we are concerned that Fortnite will replicate the gameplay experience that PUBG is known for.

We’ve also noticed Epic Games referencing PUBG when promoting Fortnite in their community and in various communications with the press. We have never given permission and do not believe it is fair. We based this relationship on the company, thought we could provide ongoing support, and looked forward to working more closely with them on technical support, perhaps especially on the development of new features.

It was a little surprising and disappointing to see our partner use our name to promote their new game mode, especially when it’s similar to ours, and especially since there were some misunderstandings with our community. Chang Han KimProducer of PUBG (September 2017)

However, it is difficult to imagine blue hole And PUBG Corp. will emerge victorious in this case. Only becauseEpic games never adopted the names or characters in PUBG, just adopted a concept. However, we do not yet know when the Korean court will make its decision in this case.

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