PUBG, Monster Hunter World and GTA V, the games that topped the Steam Top 10 of the week.

The Monster Hunter: World game continues to generate high expectations from PC users, who buy it quite often, despite the fact that it is at the top of Steam’s top 10 of the week list. This position has been reclaimed by the regular game PUBG, which has held it since launch for all but the last week.

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No one can deny that Monster Hunter: World for PC has high expectations among users. The fact is that since it is on sale on Steam more than a week in advance and considering the fact that the game is expected to arrive only (officially) on users’ PCs. As of August 9, this game occupies the top positions of the top 10 list on Steam. Not only the game itself in its normal version, but also its deluxe version, which is very close to its position.

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Meanwhile, this week’s top spot on the top 10 list has returned to its usual spot since launch: the game PUBG. This game, along with Fortnite, helped redefine what we can expect from a Battle Royale game today, and its player base is huge and continues to grow week after week.

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PUBG, Monster Hunter World and GTA V, the games that topped the Steam Top 10 of the week

Steam Top 10 Sales (July 16-22)

  • Monster Hunter: World
  • Grand Theft Auto V (-34%)
  • Monster Hunter: World Deluxe Edition
  • Enter the Dungeon (-50%)
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War (-66%)
  • rocket league
  • Isle of Nyne: Battle Royale
  • Black Desert on the Internet
  • rafting

    Sneaking into third place this time with a 34% discount, the game Grand Theft Auto V, which rounds out the Deluxe Edition of Monster Hunter: World, is back on Steam’s top 10 list. The truth is, this game is never far from Steam’s list of top selling games every week.

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    PUBG, Monster Hunter World and GTA V, the games that topped the Steam Top 10 of the week

    Perhaps more interesting are places 5 and 6 on the list. Enter the Gungeon has a 50% discount, which means its retail price is only $7.49, which again makes it attractive to users. But what is really interesting is that Middle Earth: Shadow of War returns to this list thanks to the 66% discount, which means that the final price is only 20.44 euros, a significant drop from the original cost of 59.99 euros . probably encouraged PC users to buy it for their own collection.

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