Meet the couple who made PUBG Mobile their business.

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Occupation: fresh and new soccer moderator and commentator wanted!

PUBG Mobile celebrates its fifth anniversary in 2023 and decided to share the story of Paula and Leone as part of the celebrations. They both played the game from the beginning and it eventually became their profession.

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Check out the press release below:

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During those five years of PUBG Mobile, the pair tracked several Battle Royale updates. “One of the collaborations that impressed me the most was with Arcane, we followed them at the time and the overall interaction between the game and the series was spectacular,” begins the journalist. “I’ve always loved playing Miramar, but when it was updated I loved it even more. The strategies have changed and it’s a map that requires a lot of rotation, so the games are always dynamic and fun,” explains Leone. The best thing was the collaboration with King Kong vs Godzilla, the effect of the two giants on the map was surreal! I also played a lot of zombie modes, both with the collaboration between Resident Evil 2 and The Walking Dead, those were modes I used!” remember Paula.

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Leone was introduced to PUBG Mobile by a friend who insisted he play. “I just got out of a relationship and it was really bad, one of my best friends told me to play because it was possible to talk through the game so we could exchange ideas and have fun,” says Leo. Paula comes from the gaming world, MOBA fan, the journalist was already looking for a career in the gamer environment. “I was never good at playing, but I loved this universe, so I tried to be a part of it with something I love: communication. I asked for an internship at a sports organization and I got it!” explained Paula.

The two started dating in 2018 when Paula was already making a living playing games and Leone was playing on the side. “I insisted that he watch the competition of some games. He had played PUBG Mobile and I hadn’t, so he showed me the game and I showed him the competitive game. He then already started following Netenho, and shortly after that I introduced him to Paralyze, who was already known in the PUBG Mobile community,” the journalist notes.

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Meet the couple who made PUBG Mobile their business

Their routine consisted of playing PUBG Mobile together and watching PUBG Mobile Pro League broadcasts. “We were very involved in the community, especially me, who always followed the teams and shows. We have become close to a group of people who have followed our entire journey, our marriage, our son and now our profession.” Leon explained. “We have tons of pictures of Gohan, my son, the little one watching the PMPL with us.”

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Paula and Leone studied journalism at the same time, and through luck or fate, Paula went straight to PUBG Mobile in Brazil, joining the Battle Royale press office team and getting even more involved in the community. “It was surreal because I didn’t know the job posting was supposed to work with PUBG Mobile, I just knew the agency handles multiple games. It was a big surprise!” remember Paula. Due to the proximity to the press and community, Leone soon began working with the game. “In the beginning I did a few lives, but soon I went to the press office of a PUBG Mobile organization and did more work for a group of people in the community, all in this journalism industry. Municipal officials and trying to get a place in this caster area, which is what I always wanted. concludes Leone.

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Meet the couple who made PUBG Mobile their business

The couple say they are looking forward to the arrival of the Dragon Ball content update announced last year. “We were very happy about the collaboration! Our son’s name is Gohan and I’m a huge anime and manga fan and I’m looking forward to it!” Leone said. “It’s amazing considering we’ve been together for five years and have seen the game evolve and so has ours! Today, PUBG Mobile is more than just a hobby or fun, it is our profession. It’s something we like to talk about and it really bonds our relationship.” closes Paula.

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Another update that they would like to try is the build mode in PUBG Mobile that came with the 2.5 update. “After spending so much time and getting so involved in the game, I have several card ideas, combine a bit of everything I’ve played and see that it can work!” remarked Leonie.

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