PUBG Mobile celebrates 5th anniversary and announces partnership with Bugatti.

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PUBG MOBILE, one of the world’s most popular mobile games, today announced a new collaboration with automotive haute couture icon Bugatti. The partnership offers players the unique opportunity to get behind the wheel of two of the most exclusive supercars.

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From today until April 30, players can take advantage Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse and the Bugatti La Voiture Noire with additional, still secret, unlockable colors, as well as a Bugatti ornament and a parachute. It’s all part of the new PUBG MOBILE– Update version 2.5.

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The Veyron supercar series catapulted Bugatti into the modern landscape of automotive glory. The latest model in the series, the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse, is one of the fastest and most powerful production roadsters in the world, whose name literally means “speed”. Originally worth $2.2 million and currently sold out worldwide, the 408.84 km/h world record car is available to players today PUBG MOBILE accessible.

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In addition to the arrival of Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse In the game, players get a unique opportunity to do this Bugatti La Voiture Noire Row. On the occasion of Bugatti’s 110th birthday and as a tribute to the famous, long lost Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic is the uniqueLa Voiture Noire“A journey through Bugatti history, a manifesto of Bugatti aesthetics and a piece of automotive haute couture. Since there is only one model, this partnership is ideal for players PUBG MOBILE A unique experience.

Founded more than 110 years ago, the internationally renowned Bugatti brand has established itself as the most exclusive super sports car brand in the world. Known for its pioneering spirit and passion for perfection, Bugatti continues to push the boundaries of automotive design by combining elegance and power.

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PUBG MOBILE is always looking for innovative partners that offer players the most incredible experiences. For over 110 years, Bugatti has been developing some of the most desirable, powerful and iconic vehicles in the world and continues to be at the forefront of automotive design. We are proud to present Bugatti’s exclusive super sports car PUBG MOBILE so players can roam the battlefields,” he says Vincent Wang, Head of PUBG MOBILE Publishing at Tencent Games.

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Celebrate too PUBG MOBILE the five-year anniversary with an extensive Updated to version 2.5. The update includes an all-new build mode, World of Wonder, which allows players to create their own game content, from modes to maps. There will also be new areas, items and rewards as part of the celebration. The Payload and Metro Royale modes have been updated, and Cycle 4 Season 11 and Royale Pass Month 21 bring several new cosmetics to unlock.

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The new update 2.5 of PUBG MOBILE offers:

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  • The unveiling of PUBG MOBILE’s all-new Build Mode, which allows players to create their own in-game content.
  • New zones, items and more to celebrate PUBG MOBILE’s 5th anniversary
  • Updates to Payload Mode and Metro Royale Mode
  • New content with Cycle 4 Season 11 and Royale Pass Month 21

World of Wonder, a free building mode full of endless possibilities, offers players a whole new way of building PUBG MOBILE play. With the start of the beta phase on March 16, players had the opportunity to test the new mode. You can dive into several new maps and game modes that are part of the exciting introduction to World of Wonder. During the World of Wonder beta period, players will also have the opportunity to register as the creator of World of Wonder and try out the editing features themselves. More updates on World of Wonder’s editing features are coming soon.

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In the next test phase of World of Wonder, the battlefield becomes an architect’s playground. Four landscapes can be built from the ground up, inspired by some of Erangel’s iconic locations – Bird’s Perch, Coral Reef, Jade Realm, as well as the entire Erangel landscape itself. Players can populate the skyline with different objects, materials and building types, creating a… A set of specially designed tools for copying, deleting, rotating, zooming in and out, free-flying and more can be activated with a swipe.

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More advanced features allow aspiring game designers to set game parameters and within them a variety of game constructs and objects that combine to create new mechanics and play styles PUBG MOBILE proposal. The creators of World of Wonder can create experiences that span a variety of game genres such as; B. Arms Races, Deathmatches, Races, Battle Royales and much more.

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There are also two preset game templates: the Erangel mod, which offers a classic standard Battle Royale format, and the Craft mod, which works as a 4v4 team deathmatch on a brand new map made with World of Wonder .

PUBG Mobile celebrates 5th anniversary and announces partnership with Bugatti

While these editing features are not yet widely available in beta, starting March 16 players will be able to explore maps and modes created by other players to get inspiration for their own future builds. World of Wonder has a list of officially recommended and most popular builds to try.

With the updated 2.5 celebrated on 18.03 PUBG MOBILE also its 5th anniversary with the new Imaginiversary Multimap. Players can wish their favorite mobile battle royale happy birthday by going to the two new Imagination Plazas in Erangel and fighting for the big crate in the middle. Or they visit the ten smaller Imagination districts around Erangel and Livik to replenish inventory rewards.

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There will also be four new items to spice up the party. These include the colorful block cover to protect against enemy fire or bridge crossings, the supply transformer and supplies that have been converted into items from previous seasons or brand new items. There’s also the bouncing portable trampoline to launch players into the air, or the dual cannon to launch thrown objects into the air.

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Bring too Version 2.5 Updates to existing Payload and Metro Royale game modes to improve game experience. These include a new heavy vehicle in Payload and new consumables and in-game reward mechanics in Metro Royale.

Players should also prepare for the upcoming Cycle 4 Season 11 and Royale Pass Month 21, which will bring additional new content, rewards and cosmetics.

PUBG MOBILE can be downloaded for free in the App Store and Google Play Store.

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