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India blocks “PUBG Mobile” and “Arena of Valor”, among more than 100 other apps of Chinese origin.

On June 29, we repeated the news: the Indian government wiped 59 Chinese apps off the map, including TikTok and WeChat. The reason for this ban was that the apps could be “harmful to India’s sovereignty and integrity, India’s defence, national security and public order”, a ban that dealt a serious blow to software of Chinese origin. Now in a second hit India blocks more than 100 appsincluding PUBG Mobile, one of the most popular games in the world.

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The Department of Electronics and Information Technology (IT) has published a new list with a total of 118 applications. Again, “security reasons” are used, which also means that they have received “many complaints from various sources, including several complaints about the misuse of some mobile applications” on Android and iOS to “steal and secretly send data from unauthorized users Servers outside India“.

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India’s second strike against Chinese apps

India blocked a total of 118 apps, including PUBG Mobile and Arena Of Valor. two of the most popular games on the mobile market. The ministry ensures that the decision is taken on security grounds, given “the nature of the threats”. According to the government, they have “received complaints and multiple complaints” that some of these apps are allegedly sending data to servers outside India.

“The Department of Electronics and Information Technology of the Government of India invokes its jurisdiction under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act, read with the relevant provisions of the Information Technology Act (Procedure and Precautions to Block Access to Information by the Public) 2009 standards and in view of the Given the emerging nature of the threats, it has decided to block 118 mobile applications (see attachment) as, according to available information, they are involved in activities harmful to India’s sovereignty and integrity, India’s Defense and State Security and Public Order. “

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PUBG Mobile is the most talked about name on this list, a major blow to Tencent’s offering. It’s also strange that other PUBG Mobile sister games like Call Of Duty: Mobile haven’t been banned. In the case of PUBG Mobile, according to Sensor Tower data, it has been downloaded more than 175 million times (July 2020 data) and has generated more than $1 billion in revenue worldwide.

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The popular game complements the previous ban, in which big names such as TikTok, WeChat or Xiaomi Video Call fell. This presupposes that the second major strike against Chinese software in India.

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List of new apps blocked by Indian government

  • APUS Launcher Pro Theme, Live Wallpapers, Smart
  • APUS Launcher – Theme, Call Display, Wallpaper, Hide Apps
  • APUS Security – Antivirus, Phone Security, Cleaner
  • APUS Turbo Cleaner 2020 – junk cleaner, antivirus
  • APUS flashlight free and bright
  • Cut Cut – Cut out and photo background editor
  • baidu
  • Baidu Express Edition
  • FaceU – Inspire your beauty
  • ShareSave from Xiaomi: latest devices, great deals
  • CamCard – business card reader
  • CamCard store
  • CamCard for Salesforce
  • CamOCR
  • InNote
  • VooV Meeting – Tencent video conferencing
  • Super Clean – Master of cleaning, phone booster
  • WeChat lecture
  • Government WeChat
  • Small Q brush
  • Tencent Weiyun
  • pitu
  • WeChat works
  • cyber hunter
  • Cyber ​​​​​​Hunter Lite
  • Knives Out – No Rules, Just Fight!
  • super mechanic
  • life afterwards
  • twilight of the islands
  • Ludo World – Ludo Superstar
  • Chess rush
  • PUBG MOBILE Nordic Map: Livik
  • Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade
  • Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon
  • Thanks tank
  • war road
  • Game of Sultans
  • Gallery Vault – Hide photos and videos
  • Smart AppLock (Application Security)
  • Message Blocking (SMS Blocking) – Gallery Vault Development Team

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  • Hide app – Hide app icon

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  • application lock
  • AppLock Lite
  • Dual Space – Multiple accounts and app cloner
  • ZAKZAK Pro – Live Chat and Online Video Chat
  • ZAKZAK LIVE: Live Streaming and Video Chat App
  • Music – MP3 Player
  • Music Player – Audio player and 10-band equalizer
  • HD Camera Selfie Beauty Camera
  • Cleaner – Phone Booster
  • Web browser and fast explorer
  • Video player for all formats for Android
  • Photo gallery HD and editor
  • Photo gallery and album
  • Music Player – Bass Booster – Free Download
  • HD Camera – beauty camera with filters and panorama
  • HD Camera Pro & Selfie Camera
  • Music Player – MP3 player and 10-band equalizer
  • Gallery HD
  • Web Browser – Fast, confidential and lightweight web explorer
  • Web Browser – Safe Explorer
  • Music Player – Audio Player
  • Video Player – HD video player in all formats
  • Lamor Love around the world
  • Amour – video chat and calls around the world.
  • MV Master – Create your status video and community
  • MV Master – Best video maker and photo video editor
  • APUS Message Center-Intelligent Management
  • LivU Meet new people and video chat with strangers

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  • Carrom Friends: Carrom Board and Pool Game

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  • Ludo All Star – Play online ludo games and board games

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  • Bike Racing: Moto Traffic Rider Bike Racing Games

  • Rangers of Oblivion: Online Action MMO RPG Game
  • Z Camera – Photo Editor, Beauty Selfie, Collage
  • GO SMS Pro – Messenger, Free Themes, Emoji
  • Your Dictionary: Oxford Dictionary Translate now for free
  • Ulike – Define your selfie in trendy style
  • Tantan – Real Date
  • MICO Chat: New Friends Banaen and Live Chat Karen
  • Kitty Live – Live Streaming and Video Live Chat
  • Malaysia social dating app to date and meet singles
  • Alipay
  • AlipayHK
  • Mobile Taobao

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  • you

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  • Road of Kings – Endless Glory
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  • Murderous chases
  • Tencent Watch List (Tencent Technology
  • Learn Chinese AI Super Chinese
  • HUYA LIVE – live stream of the match
  • Little Q Album
  • Fighting Landlords – Free and Happy Fighting Landlords
  • Hello Metu
  • Mobile Legends: Pocket
  • VPN for TikTok
  • VPN for TikTok
  • Penguin E-Sports Live Assistant
  • Buy Cars offers everything you need, special offers and low prices
  • i choose
  • Beauty Camera Plus – Cute camera and face selfie
  • Parallel Space Lite – Duplicate app
  • “Almighty Chief: First Thunder BC
  • MARVEL Super War NetEase Games
  • AFK Arena
  • Creative Destruction NetEase Games
  • Crusaders by Light NetEase Games
  • Mafia City Yotta Games
  • Onmyoji NetEase Games
  • Ride Out Heroes NetEase Games
  • Yimeng Jianghu-Chu Liuxiang has been fully upgraded
  • Legend: Rising Empire NetEase Games
  • Arena of Valor: 5v5 arena games
  • soul hunter
  • survival rules

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