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PUBG: New State To Cross With Among Us

The authors of PUBG: New State announced a crossover with Among Us. As part of the event, mobile Battle Royale users will be able to try out a mini-game with a traitor on the team and receive special cosmetic items.

The crossover with Among Us will take place from April 21 to May 19. During the event, when searching for a match on the Troi map, users will be presented with a mini-game in which one of the team members becomes a traitor and goes on a hunt for teammates. In addition, the layout of the location will be adapted to the theme of the collaboration.

Players can also complete a series of special challenges to unlock Among Us themed rewards. Themed cosmetic items will also be available in special containers that will appear in the store.

Previously, the authors of Among Us have added several new skins to the game as part of crossovers with several popular franchises at once. Users can get Ratchet & Clank, Halo, and Scream horror costumes.

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