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First “Shundo” caught after 20,000 matches

After a total of more than 20,000 matches, one lucky Pokémon Go trainer managed to catch his first “shundo” during the Wooper Community Day event.

Pokémon Go Wooper Community Day

Pokémon Go’s Wooper Community Day event kicked off on Sunday, November 5, 2023, and trainers around the world were eager to catch these adorable Ground-type Pokémon.

Squat challenge. 30 days of work…

With the addition of Paldean Wooper and the fact that Community Day events increase the chances of finding Shiny Pokémon for the featured Pokémon, many people were undoubtedly willing to try their luck.

Pokémon Go Trainer Wooper catches Lucky Shundo during Community Day

A Reddit user and Pokémon Go player named Prince138 posted the image he created to the Pokémon Go subreddit.

According to him, this shundo lasted “7 years and approximately 21,000 Pokémon were captured.” The coach also posted a screenshot of his game stats; this screen showed the start date as October 7, 2023, with 20,694 Pokémon captured.

While some trainers might look at the 20,000 Pokémon caught statistic and wonder what the odds are, one trainer debunked the estimated odds to make the comments clearer.

“Just so you know, this is a real blessing.” The normal chance of catching shundo is 1/100,000. The vast majority of players haven’t caught much more shundo than their catch total. “You were lucky that day,” they said.

It’s worth noting that this probability also takes into account whether shundo was caught on Community Day, which increases the chance of finding shiny Pokémon.

In the comments, fans praised the player for his rare catch and cited his own stats to put things into better perspective. “I have 44,000 checks. There is no shundo, gg mark on the ram,” while another said: “Congratulations! After 55,000 catches I’m out of luck. »

Like the author of the article mentioned in the title, this statistic shows how rare shundos are. Pokémon Go trainers still looking for their perfect Shiny Pokémon shouldn’t lose hope, even if the odds don’t seem favorable.


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