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Pokemon Go is waiting for a new Pokemon for Fashion Week

Pokemon Go introduces a new Pokemon for the next Fashion Week event. Last night, it released a preview of its annual Fashion Week event, which kicks off this month. The taunt featured a form of Furfrou, a Normal-type Pokémon that first appeared. . Fashion Week often features new costumed Pokémon, but Furfrou seems like a natural choice, as Pokémon has a number of forms that can be changed with a simple visit to a hair salon. You can watch the first preview below:

Furfrou is a Normal-type Pokémon, similar to the French Poodle. In the main series games, there are nine different “trinkets”, a special skin Furfrou earns when he visits a style salon. Each of these adjustments lasts only a few days and gives players no mechanical advantage.

Furfrou’s arrival was first teased when he changed the loading screen last month. Furfrou appears as one of several Pokémon whose shadows form a terrifying figure to celebrate Halloween. Thanks to data mining, we know that Pokemon Go developers have made a few changes to Furfrou in the game, but it’s unclear whether Pokemon Go players can change Furfrou’s appearance or whether players will have to catch Furfrou with different settings. as a species. Many other costumed Pokémon are also expected to make an appearance as part of the event.

currently hosts the Season of Evil, a quarterly period focusing on the mythical Pokémon Hoopa. Players can now meet Hoopa by completing a special limited-time research event. The game also features a Psychic Magnificent event (including Inkay’s debut and his unusual evolution method). Based on the game’s current loading screen, it will also feature the debut of Phantump, another Pokémon making its debut during upcoming events. . September Community Day will be held on September 19 and will include Oshawott’s participation. October Community Day was also recently announced and will feature the Ghost-type Pokémon Duskull.

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