Mauga is the latest hero to join the Overwatch 2 roster in Season 8. Here’s everything you need to know about his abilities, gameplay, release date and how to unlock him.

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Mauga Overwatch 2 Bravo

Overwatch 2’s new hero is Mauga. He was announced at Blizzcon 2023 and will be the 39th character to join the roster. The Samoan Tank may look cuddly and soft, but its history suggests otherwise. Mauga was playable from November 3rd to 5th during a timed testing phase as part of Blizzcon. The full release is scheduled for December with the start of season 8.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the new friendly tank: what abilities it has, what we know about the characters’ background, and how to unlock Mauga.

Mauga’s abilities in Overwatch 2

Mauga offers a kit to combat enemies in close combat. He wields two powerful chain guns, which he can fire individually or together. Ignite enemies with your blazing “Gunny” Chain Gun to incinerate them once they’ve taken enough damage, then finish them off with a critical hit with the volatile “Cha-Cha” Chain Gun. Combined with the rest of his equipment, he creates an absolute mountain on the battlefield that will melt you if you get too close.

Mountain guns

Passive Ability: Berserker

Mauga gains temporary health when dealing critical damage. Headshots and hit a flaming target with a “Cha-Cha” score.

Left Click – Burning Chaingun “Gunny”

Automatic weapon that sets enemies on fire on repeated hits.

Right Click – Volatile Chaingun “Cha-Cha”

Automatic weapon that deals critical damage to burning enemies.

Change – overcome

Charge forward to stomp and throw your enemies. You cannot be damaged or CCed while charging.

E – cardiac overload

Gives allies around you 30% damage reduction for 15 seconds. They also heal by dealing damage.

Question – Cage fighting

Mauga creates a barrier that traps him and his enemies. He has unlimited ammo inside the barrier.

General tips for Mauga

Mauga Ult Overwatch
  • Mauga likes to throw himself into the crowd and stay there. Defeat your enemies and support your allies as you bomb everything in front of you!
  • Enemies can’t heal their teammates inside the Cage Fight barrier, so they have no choice but to fight you and your two best friends, Gunny and Cha-Cha.
  • Combine Overrun with your other abilities to deal devastating damage. If you like Reinhardt’s attack ability but think he lacks a little “firepower”, Mauga could be the perfect hero for you!

History of the mountain

Mauga had always been tall and muscular. He was wounded after a shooting. During the operation by an unknown person, it was not only healed, but also enlarged. After expanding, he gained a “new outlook on life” and joined Talon.

Although he likes to present himself as a “big, stupid brute”, he is much smarter than he looks and has the charm to talk his way in and out of bad situations. He won’t care since he’s a melee demon. Mauga quickly alternates between his light and dark sides, although he can lose himself in the latter.

Operation Berg

How to unlock Mauga

Mauga will be released alongside Overwatch 2 Season 8 on Tuesday, December 5th. You can unlock Mauga instantly when you purchase the Premium Battle Pass for Season 8, or unlock Mauga when you reach level 45 in the Standard Battle Pass.

Want to see more of Mauga? Watch the trailer here!

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