The success oflook over is no secret. Since its release on May 24, the game has ignited passions and created a solid fan base. And it could be that Blizzard’s successful game will soon welcome new games by hosting it a free trial version.

This actually marks one of the fansite’s latest discoveries. Overpwn who delved into the code lines of the next patch, which is already available on the PTR (Public Test Realm), where the various updates are tested by a privileged few before being released to everyone. So the page was found several mentions of a trial version in sentences like:

6G technology: a revolution in connectivity…

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6G Technology: A Revolution in Connectivity and Society in the Digital Age

  • “Unfortunately, the free trial of Overwatch is currently unavailable. »
  • “Group members using the trial version will not be able to play in competitive mode. »
  • “Not available in trial version. »

Even if Blizzard Although the game was never mentioned as a trial version, it’s not hard to imagine that the developer is running such a campaign to attract even more players, especially since several of its games have already benefited from such a system .

If this turns out to be true, would you jump at the chance to try Overwatch?

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